Sometimes I Love My State

In truth, I almost always love Tennessee.  But there are times when I am particularly proud of it and this is one of those times.

In response to the tantrum that the California legislature is throwing where they refuse to let public employees travel to states which will not let fully functional men share restrooms with little girls, the Tennessee state legislature has issued a resolution — and it is a beautiful thing.

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How Ridiculous Can the Attacks on Trump Get?

This ridiculous.  The newest attack by the Howler Monkey Press is that Trump displayed his deep seated hostility to the Jews by making this statement.

“It is with a heavy heart and somber mind that we remember and honor the victims, survivors, heroes of the Holocaust. It is impossible to fully fathom the depravity and horror inflicted on innocent people by Nazi terror.”

Did you catch it?  Did you see the outrageously outragey thing that he did there?  No? Here is the rest of the statement where he brazenly repeats his crime.

Yet, we know that in the darkest hours of humanity, light shines the brightest.‎ As we remember those who died, we are deeply grateful to those who risked their lives to save the innocent,”

“In the name of the perished, I pledge to do everything in my power throughout my Presidency, and my life, to ensure that the forces of evil never again defeat the powers of good,” he concluded. “Together, we will make love and tolerance prevalent throughout the world.”

What an anti-Semitic monster this man must be for issuing this statement — or so some idiot by the name of David Gibson writing for USA Today would have us believe.

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Ted Cruz Wins the Internet

Deadspin thought they would take a shot at Ted Cruz and it didn’t work out exactly like they planned when the Senator himself responded.

And they took it with precisely the amount of grace you would expect.

Read the entire thread.  It is hilarious — especially when Deadspin tries to explain how they weren’t just owned by the most conservative guy in the Senate. (Update: an adult must have stepped in because the tweets denying Ted’s ownership have been removed since I originally wrote this.)

If you are wondering why Deadspin asked the question it is because they had published an article about Cruz starting a basketball league for Senators and staffers.  Since Deadspin fancies itself a humor site which tries to combine leftist politics with sports coverage this should have been fertile ground for them. But since they aren’t funny it really didn’t work out.

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Feminist Afraid She May Give Birth to a Boy

From the Sydney Morning Herald which I will not link to since they do not allow comments;

Motherhood has been quite a confronting experience for my feminism so far, and I’m sure it will continue to be. Ever since discovering I was pregnant it’s been a process of adjusting and reconciling my biology with my ideology, particularly when I discovered that my baby, my most-beloved Alfred, would be a boy.

It would be more correct to say to she needs to adjust her ideology.  Biology is rather immutable on this subject.

There were dark moments in the middle of the night (when all those dark thoughts come), when I felt sick at the thought of something male growing inside me.

The oppressor is within the walls, the oppressor s within the walls!  Seriously, I can sorta understand how she feels.  Who amongst us has not had anxious moments when we feared a child we were having might grow up to be a feminist?

In this patriarchal world, this world where even the best men (and women, for that matter) engage in casual and ingrained sexism, how will I raise a son who respects me the way a daughter would? Who sees women as just like him? As just human beings?

Judging by what you have written here you will fuck him up so badly that the rest of us will be lucky if he does not go on a killing spree.  He will be taught that everything he does will be the result of privilege.  He will never be able to celebrate his accomplishments.  He will never know the joy of winning with a clear conscience because he was better than everyone else.  Everything will be pale, and without vigor in his life.  If he gets too rambunctious or full of animal spirits he will be chastised.  If he has normal male impulses, and God forbid acts upon them, then he shall be little short of a rapist no matter how many pleases, thank yous, and mother may I’s are exchanged beforehand.

She wants him to see women as just like him, but they are not.  There are fundamental differences which she is saying he will be taught to ignore, so he will be bereft of tools with which he can live a full and successful life.  He will be proceeding from false assumptions from the word go. He will have to toss aside all of the programming, and self-loathing his wicked and irrational mother handicaps him with and he will have to rise above it.  That is a tall order for a tiny, hairless ape who will be completely unable to take care of itself for many years.  This is why motherhood is the most honored of all pursuits, and why people who are as unfit for it as this woman are so universally loathed.

People are constantly telling me “boys are easier” to raise (casual and ingrained sexism, anyone?)

And if they said the opposite it would also be taken as casual and ingrained sexism.  Sexism shares the same characteristic as most leftist shibboleths, it makes no claims which are amenable to being disproved because it is content free.  Boys are difficult?  That is sexism since girls can be just as stubborn and powerful in demanding their way.  Girls are more difficult?  Sexism since it problematicizes the feminine.  Girls and boys are exactly the same to raise?  Are you really saying that girls don’t face more obstacles growing up than boys you sexist pig?  Climate change is another example of this.  It was global warming, but it is simply more convenient for any change to be taken as proof of an assumption than to make predictions which can be disproven.  And there was that little thing about there being no statistically significant warming in the satellite records for about 20 years now.  All leftist goalposts come with wheels.

Here is where it gets really creepy…

Raising a boy who maintains the status quo sure would be easy, but I refuse to be satisfied with that. I will raise a feminist boy. Just like his father and grandfathers before him, but even better. I will point sexism out to him at every turn, and he will never get away with it without being called out. I will show him that girls are just people like him and that products and art targeted at them are no less valuable or enjoyable. He will be immersed in feminism by a family who models it in their everyday life.

It rubs the lavender scented lotion on its skin else it gets the hose again. The poor child will not even be able to like what it likes.  One thing I always tell my daughter is that she is allowed to like whatever she likes no matter what anyone else says.  It doesn’t matter if it is cool or in style. She doesn’t have to explain it or make excuses for it.  That doesn’t mean we can’t discuss the merits of various things, but at her age it is her job to try on various pursuits and find ones which suit her.  I cannot imagine this poor boy being bullied and hectored constantly.  You always wonder about those dumbasses who run away to places like North Korea or Cuba thinking things will be better there.  I can only imagine their parents are much like this woman.  She doesn’t see herself as a fundamentalist, but she has already picked out all of the beliefs this child will be allowed to have.

The only part of this she gets right is when she contradicts herself at the end and tries to sound more reasonable;

And I wouldn’t swap my beautiful son for all the daughters in the world. He is my sun, moon and stars, and he will teach me far more than I will teach him.

There are small, furry rodents who could teach this woman more than she could teach them.  At least rodents don’t go around denying their own biology or essential nature.  They chew things and they rut.  They are kind of like the Lena Dunhams of the animal world, only with better hygiene.  This woman is in for a wild ride.  If that kid has a pair of stones she is going to come to understand a whole lot of things she never dreamed of before.  And her ideology will leave her completely unable to handle it.

We are all for egalitarianism to the largest extent possible.  But painting someone’s sex as an original sin to be ashamed of and atoned for is not going to end well.

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Trump vs. Trudeau is like Godzilla vs. Bambi

At least that is what this Canadian analyst is arguing.

What we are seeing here is the world coming to terms with the fact that one of the co-conspirators in global elite’s quest to order the world to their liking has turned on them and they are left exposed.  Previously Canada could get away with having a corporate tax between 30-40% and could agree to inflict an antediluvean carbon tax (Caveman politician: Hey is that fire? I will someday invent a way to tax that!)  because the US and other developed countries decided to do the same (or to at least pretend to do the same thing — China has never had any intent to participate and “European” is a synonym for weasel).  But what happens when the leader of a major power decides to represent the interests of his countrymen rather than those of internationalists who want to create a moat around their station so they can continue their life as parasites unmolested?

Well, as we see here Canada has to worry about the fact that no one will build a factory there if the tax rate is half that across the border.  Suddenly Detroit becomes a helluva lot more attractive.  Canada also has to realize that taxing carbon just because they can isn’t going to do anything but create jobs in the US because we have left the suicide pact.  And can you imagine anyone on this planet more ill-prepared to reopen NAFTA and negotiate the interests of his country than Trudeau?  24 Sussex will be renamed Trump Plaza Annex and Trudeau will be the bellman.

As we have seen with the mainland Chinese, everyone is adjusting to the fact that they will not get everything they want from the US just for the asking anymore. We will represent our own interests.  And given that Taiwan currently has the only legitimate Chinese government they should get the best treatment — especially in the light of Chinese aggression.

I don’t know what to think of Trump and Putin since I don’t really have enough data.  My first impression is that Trump knows Putin is one of the few leader canny enough to hold his own at a negotiating table.  So you always say nice things about such people while you go about the business of picking their pockets.  You certainly can’t bully him.  And for his part, Putin knows he won’t be able to push Trump around.  This idea that somehow he would rather have Trump than Clinton as US President is just silly given how compromised she was.  Putin probably reads Hillary’s e-mails at the breakfast table for entertainment like how the rest of us read our favorite blog.  And somehow it is supposed to be a bad thing that the party which won the White House was the one competent enough to keep its e-mails from being hacked during the election?  If Putin had wanted to influence Hillary he would have just done what everyone else did, he would have bought her by making a donation to her foundation.

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Miss Bum Bum

Now that Trump has been elected and lot of people are sleeping soundly for the first time in eight years I thought we would lighten it up a bit.  Brazil, a land of gloriously beautiful women, has a contest each year where they pick which of their native goddesses have the best butt.

This is mildly NSFW so I will put it below the fold so as not to trigger the more sensitive to the far left, or far right of us.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Miss Bum Bum 2016.

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Tucker Carlson Has Been On A Tear

I have to confess that I never cared much for Tucker Carlson from back in his bow tie days.  He just never seemed to be on point and was too much of an establishment guy.  But he has really started coming into his own lately with his show on Fox News.  He has been absolutely eviscerating his leftist guests by the simple expedient of asking them to explain themselves.  They are so used to being the unquestioned moral authority on any subject, and so unused to having to address any differing opinions that they just go ape shit when pressed by very basic questions which they should have thought about before they took any of the positions they ended up taking.

I say this a lot, but a leftist can’t argue from first principles because they have none.  They can be against both rape culture and for safe spaces, while also being for letting men into women’s restrooms and never see the contradiction.  There is no basic set of values they are building upon.  This is why all of their arguments begin and end with some form of “ism” charge against their opponents — racism, sexism etc…  They seem completely oblivious to the fact that they have made no argument at all when they do that.

This first interview is with the New York Times public editor.  She is so overmatched that she doesn’t even realize she is yielding as much ground as she is until it is too late.

Now obviously, a completely partisan rag like the Times can’t have a public editor with any teeth and this woman is about as assertive as you would imagine she would be given her position.  If she ever put her foot down she would be bullied back into line in short order, and that is exactly what was done to her after this interview aired.  She backed off calling the Tweets made by her colleagues inappropriate.

But what is interesting here is that at one point in the interview she starts to panic when she realizes how bad the Times is looking and she starts to flail around and throw in the typical leftist canards that they try to use to insulate themselves when they know they have been bad.  In particular she mentions the criticism that there was not enough questioning of the WMD claim going into the run-up to the Iraq war.  This is of course bullshit.  But it illustrates how these people think. Never do they use an example like the lies told about the ACA which they gladly conveyed, or their writing glowing reports about brutal dictators such as Assad or Castro, or “hands up, don’t shoot” which they credulously and breathlessly supported.  And of course no mention of needing to be more critical of the Iran deal in which we sent pallet loads of cash to the Iranians, allowed them to resume their nuclear bomb work and received absolutely nothing in return other than body bags and more hostages being taken now that we had established a market for them. Hell, Clinton made the same deal with North Korea and they don’t even question their reporting on that.

But this poor woman isn’t allowed to say any of those things even if she wanted to… and she just isn’t bright enough to ever question her underlying assumptions even though Tucker leads her through the process of how to do it.  I bet used car salesmen love to see Time employees coming.  Tell them something is “green” and they hand over a lot more money in exchange for nothing.

In the next video Tucker drives a Washington Post reporter into spams of anger just by calling her out on her obvious racism.  She never, in a million years, thought anyone would ever question whether it is OK to be racist against white guys.  Just watch the look on her face as she tries to maintain control while he is handing her ass to her.

She uses another typical trick here. She refers to some other leftwing study here and just thinks everyone should assume it means what she thinks it means and that we should accept that the motives of whoever conducted it are pure even though we know the social sciences have never produced much in their entire history which is very reliable.  She is willing to use this slender reed as an excuse to accuse white guys of being racist in their motivations for the support of certain policies or candidates when we know for an absolute fact that they probably make up the least racist cohort of the electorate.  And we know this not because we have divined the motivations of the other groups, or because we have some study put out by a rightwing source, but because they TELL us.  They say straight out they will vote for Obama because he is black, or Hillary because she is a woman.  They are not shy about it.  They tout it.  We don’t have to guess.  Yet if that thought ever crossed her mind I have no doubt she would have to run down to the nearest S&M store and buy a whip so that she could scourge herself for the wickedness of her thoughts.  That is what her religion would demand.

And what gets me is that these people are so arrogant and oblivious to their own natures that they keep lining up for this treatment while not bothering to prepare for the interview at all.

The best part about this next one is that at the end once Tucker gets her going he just sits back and enjoys the sight of it.  I don’t know who the ditz is in this video.  It becomes very clear about halfway into it that she has absolutely no idea what she is talking about and you can hear the angst in her voice as she starts to come apart. This is a thing of beauty.

She can’t cite a single thing the EPA nominee has done to warrant her disapproval with enough specificity for anyone to tell whether the position he took was reasonable or not.  She just uses the usual fear mongering of how if someone is against any EPA regulation then they are for death to children, and birds, and small furry animals.  There is absolutely no awareness on her part that it is impossible to produce no pollution at all, that there are trade-offs, and that there may be negative consequences of regulations which make it much worse to implement them than to go without them. This is just basic stuff that one should know about an issue before deciding on their stance.

She has some wishy washy degree in some sort of nonsense that has left her completely unprepared to think rationally.  Think about it.  This woman got all the way through a college program where they extracted tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars from her purse and she has not been challenged enough to even know what constitutes a reasoned argument.

And finally, we have the biggest pompous ass of them all.  Vibrators were originally invented as treatment for hysteria and this guy needs to go get himself a sybian to get over how worked up he is over Donald Trump. He is a businessman who says he will not do business with anyone who voted for or supported Trump.

Yeah, he’s a douchebag. Apparently he was fine with Obama calling out the Supreme Court, Fox News, picking winners and losers, restructuring 1/6th of the US economy by force and without any support at all from half the country, but by God if Trump tells the leftwing operatives who masquerade as reporters that he expects to be treated fairly then we are on the cusp of a 4th Reich. Whatever.  Tucker treats him with the derision and contempt he deserves.

There are more of these. But what they all have in common is that the people Tucker is interviewing are morally vain and intellectually vacuous. They oreen and signal rather than reason.  It is like some mating ritual for dullards.  None of them know how to make an argument which addresses the issue, or how to stay on topic. They all veer into hysteria, or talking points, and when pressed for specifics so that there can be an exchange of ideas they come up empty. This last guy claims Trump is a fascist, and frankly I think an argument can be made that as large and intrusive as our government is that all of our presidents are fascists (Obama certainly enjoyed picking winners and losers), but he provides no specifics. In none of these videos do we even get to the point of having a reasoned argument because once again, to the left, a reasoned debate consists of them screaming racist, or fascist, or whatever and they never, ever bother thinking beyond that point.

I can make a very good argument that Obama is a fascist, right down to persecution of his political enemies by using the apparatus of government, to scapegoating and imprisoning people such as the fellow who made the Mohammed video, to outright killing US citizens by direct order through drone strikes. I would like to have seen this guy questioned more on specifics and then seen his worries about what Trump might do compared to what Obama actually has done, and then I would want to know when he is going to stop doing business with Obama supporters.  Tucker does a good job with these interviews, but it would be even more fun if he would pin them down like that sometimes.  Otherwise it is like trying to catch fireflies at night.  The intellectual candle power isn’t all that much and it is hard to see above the ambient light.  You have to kind of stoke it a little and get the flowing in the right direction to really have fun.

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One Way to Respond to Social Justice Warriors

People often wonder how to respond when some obnoxious social justice warrior comes up and starts making very cogent and well reasoned arguments (and by that I mean they call you a racist).  I think this guy handles it very well.  I have used the same technique before (although I usually try to yawn and just not respond), but there are a lot of moments here when I would not have been able to refrain from saying something — especially when the girl starts up with her “love you long time” voice and tries to mock him.

But he just keeps his cool and the predictable result is that his tormenters come off looking like the intolerant SJW twats that they are.  I think at the end the fellow who was with the girl starts to twig to the fact that maybe, just maybe they weren’t going to come out of this looking so good.  Self-awareness is not a big virtue of these people.  I always get a big kick out of how they record the event thinking they are the heroes.

And the nice thing about this is that they got the response they deserved — none.  They made no serious arguments, they just started in with the insults.  So why waste time even engaging with such people?  I have a relative who does this sort of thing and eventually we all just got to where we either wouldn’t respond or would just get up and walk out.

People like the ones in the video really should be an object of derision and pity.  Look at the woman here.  I believe she may be borderline retarded — not just in the “haha, you so dumb” or the “I want to insult you because you have different beliefs” sense, but in the real “Holy Shit there isn’t much going on up there, how does she function” sort of way.  She actually thinks that going to college, or having a degree is relevant in this situation, and that it is in some way a validation of how smart she is rather than a condemnation of how poor the curriculum and standards must be there.  I am sure her college very much wants to keep any affiliation with this woman a secret.

But this is all she has to work with since the guy won’t give her anything.  She has to fantasize about  who he is, and what might hurt his feelings.  And when she does so she just projects her own fears and inadequacies.  Since she mentions being dumb it is pretty clear she has some experience with how hurtful it is for people to think she is dumb.  I bet she actually has a lot of experience with that.  And she mentions free wifi, which is frankly just bizarre.  But it shows how much she values money and thinks that this guy will be hurt if she (the moral arbiter of all that is good and holy) thinks he is poor.  So basically if you combine all of the arguments the two antagonists make you get the pejoratives racist, dumb and poor — because the people making the charges are obviously racist, dumb and quite possibly poor.

And if that isn’t enough at one point the evil guy asks the victim if he is a Jew.  I shit you not!  The people whose first sentence includes the charge of racism asks the guy he is trying to bully if he is a Jew as if that has some bearing on what happened there.  If you presented this as a parody no one would believe it.

Anyway, if anyone has the number of the Vatican you need to call them up and ask if they have an opening for a patron saint of patience, because this dude could teach a master class in it.  He is like the big dog who continues napping while the little dog nips at him — safe in the knowledge that he is the big dog.

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Man Punches Kangaroo to Save Dog, PETA Pissed

Here is the video.  It is hilarious.

Then PETA steps in to help the Mr. Kangaroo lawyer up and it gets even funnier.



Seriously, the only mistake the man made was not using a firearm to get the kangaroo to let the dog go.  He was there hunting pig with a friend who was terminally ill (and has since died) so there would be a gun handy.  I guess maybe he was afraid he would hit the dog?  But you don’t want to get in a fist fight with something which has claws like these.

So really, the guy showed great restraint and put himself at risk to a far greater extent than he needed to.

And contrary to what PETA says, it was the kangaroo which advanced on him.  He presented a distraction so the dog could get away and then he backed off a couple of steps once the animal was free while maintaining a defensive posture.  Then the kangaroo advanced and he clocked it.  The funny thing about it is how human the animal’s reaction is at that point.  It is stunned.  At one point it looks like it is trying to look around and make sure none of its friends saw what happened.

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Well, This Was Certainly Repugnant – Open Letter to Tom Price

I ran across an open letter to the new Department of Health and Human Services head Tom Price.  It is one of the more repellant things I have read in a while.  It is everything you would expect from a “a reproductive justice activist, abortion storyteller, and board member at NARAL Pro-Choice America.”  Yes, you read that right — storyteller.  I am going to refrain from mentioning the woman’s name because really, how could I shame her any more than that description which she herself approved?

The gist of it is that this woman claims she got pregnant because she could not afford birth control rather than from the fact that she let a man inseminate her.  Let’s do a bit of fisking shall we!

Congratulations on your recent selection by President-elect Donald Trump to serve as his secretary of health and human services.

I wonder if she would also like her insurance to cover capital letters, because she doesn’t seem to be able to afford those either.  We are off to a roaring start.  Let’s see what else is in the first paragraph.

As a Black woman, I am distraught that your opposition to the Affordable Care Act will leave many of my sisters without basic health care.

Ooooh…. the race card…. I certainly didn’t see that coming.  Did you?  And apparently she can capitalize the things she really cares about, such as her race.  I think we have reached the point where the old sort of racism has been all but completely stamped out, and the word is more appropriately used now to describe someone who sees everything in terms of race, the same way a Marxist sees everything in term of class.  In this sense (and probably in the classical sense as well) she is a racist.

But what’s deeply troubling to me are your comments on abortion and birth control, and your misunderstanding of why access is so crucial.

I refuse to see the word “access” abused in this manner.  It implies that someone is being denied something for illegitimate reasons.  If I go to Wal-mart and am stopped by security when trying to carry out a TV I did not pay for then I am being denied “access” to the TV in exactly the manner as this woman is describing here.  What NARAL and their ilk mean by access is not that they can’t buy something the same way anyone else can, but rather that something is not given to them for free.  They don’t have “access” to birth control the same way I don’t have “access” to a bank vault.  That is their complaint. They feel they have a right to the possessions of others without having to provide compensation of an amount willingly agreed upon by all parties.  Slavers thought the same thing about labor as this woman does about property.

And it really doesn’t matter to them if there are alternatives.  I could borrow a TV.  Or I could watch with someone else.  Or I could borrow the money for a TV.  Or I could amuse myself in a fashion which does not involve a TV… which is a key point here is it not? But by their definition I would still have suffered an injury if mommy refused to buy me one.

in 2012, you doubted the very existence of people who have a difficult time affording birth control. “Bring me one woman who has been left behind,” you told a ThinkProgress reporter at the time. “Bring me one. There’s not one.”

Well, Rep. Price, I am one of those women.

Oh, the drama!  If only there were sound effects that would play when your eyes read over certain sentences — or when they roll.  She goes on to tell a story of how as a 19 year old she ran short on funds and let her birth control lapse for a week or so while she awaited her next paycheck.  You can see where this is heading, right?  Well she didn’t. She claims she did not understand that the efficacy of the pills would be lessened IF SHE DIDN’T TAKE THEM.  She seriously argued that she thought not taking the pills would be just as effective as if she took them.

At the time, I didn’t realize that I could get pregnant if I missed a week or two of pills. In my high school sex-ed classes, the teacher preached about his kids and their purity vows and showed us slides of STDs, rather than giving us helpful information about sex and family planning. Like most teens, I turned to my friends to fill in the gaps, asking them the questions that I didn’t feel comfortable asking my parents, or looking for answers I didn’t get in class.  And, like many teens, I didn’t know how to negotiate consent or condom use in my relationship, which later turned abusive. Eventually, I became pregnant.

If only there were a universally available repository of knowledge to which one could turn for reliable information about sex.  It would need to be something easy to navigate which is completely private so that someone would not have to face the embarrassment of broaching the subject with their parents.  But alas, all we have is the internet.  And we all know that access to the internet is strictly controlled by race and gender.

So, to the list of things this woman does not understand we can add how to get “access” to the internet, how to drive to the local health clinic for free condoms, how to satiate sexual desires in a way that does not end with semen in her vagina, and how to use the active voice in describing things she has done.  She did not “become pregnant.”  She engaged in intercourse and allowed herself to be impregnated.  She wasn’t just playing hopscotch when a stork came along and gave her a magic bean. She wasn’t just some spectator to the event.  It wasn’t just fate.  It was a clearly foreseeable result of her actions.

I knew I wasn’t ready to become a parent. So I made an appointment at the abortion clinic, and maxed out my first credit card, which had a $500 limit that was supposed to only be used in emergencies.

Ah, so she was NOT so bereft of resources that she could not pay for birth control.  She had a credit card with at least $500 of credit, enough for a whole year’s worth of birth control at even the inflated rate she quotes in the article.  And so although she concedes  her entire argument, she does so obliviously.

She goes on to describe how the ACA contraception mandate has done away with all of these problems.  No longer will young women be forced to take responsibility for their own actions, or suffer the consequences of their bad decisions.  They can remain infants for life as others strive to provide them with everything they need while insulating them from their own stupidity.  Which will leave them more time for truly important things like complaining about how people try to mansplain reproduction to them.  They can do as they please, content in the knowledge that the taxpayer will be picking up the bill.  Isn’t it grand? Or judging by the increase in price of my insurance under the ACA, several grand!

There is also some stuff in there about how black women are prone to painful fibroids which can be treated with birth control pills.  She doesn’t mention that health plans paid for these treatments long before the ACA came along.  I know because my wife had hers covered.  Maybe there were some plans which did not, but that is why no one was forced to buy a particular plan… until now.  And boy, am I happy that if I ever get fibroids in my uterus that it will be covered.

It’s true that Black women have abortions at a rate higher than other racial groups, and it’s because we lack consistent access to birth control and have higher maternal mortality rates. In some cases, abortion is the safest option for our lives. Black women know what’s best for our bodies. Trust us, Rep. Price.

Black women have exactly the same access as women of every other race to birth control.  No one is standing behind the counter checking someone’s race to see whether anyone can have birth control.  All they want is $4 at Wal-mart.  For fucks sakes, we aren’t going to rearrange 1/6th of the US economy just because someone is too lazy to panhandle  $4 in the parking lot… oh, wait a minute… yeah, we did just that didn’t we?

After this there is some rehashing of grievances and some arguments that are so hopelessly irrational that rather than parse them I will give you something of equal rhetorical content.

On the bright side, this woman is getting absolutely savaged on Twitter and in the comments of the site on which the letter is posted.  It is kind of sad really because she obviously isn’t all that bright, and is being used for a purpose that she isn’t really capable of understanding.  But it is a marked improvement from when Sandra Fluke trotted out this same crap.  People are less fearful of speaking up now, and the press has lost all of its ability to bully.  If Trump does nothing else, he will have set people free to speak the actual truth again.  Maybe someday we will once again reach the point where none of our women have penises.

This woman’s principle faults are that she is unable to understand cause and effect, is shiftless, and has an inability to feel shame.  The pill will cure none of these ailments.  And I don’t mean shame over having had sex.  I mean shame at wanting others to fund her frolics.  She can screw the entire roster of a college football team for all I care.  It is none of my business.  But the moment she wants me to pay for it then it most definitely becomes my business.  I have a lot of hobbies, and it would never occur to me to have her pay for my inflatable…. um…  rafts.  Nor would I blame the government if I try to get by without a patch on one of the rafts because I am short on funds and end up drowning as a result.

The cause of her getting pregnant was by her own admission not a lack of birth control, but a lack of knowledge.  And she tried to acquire that knowledge by asking that renowned expert on sexual reproduction “someone in my class” rather than the teacher whose job is to answer those very questions.  The taxpayers already paid to remedy her problem by providing her information, even though it is information which is already widely and easily available.  Yet she scorned that resource.  Just how often does she want us to intervene in her sex life?  Should we send a proctor to observe that she takes her pills, or applies the condom correctly?  I mean, if we are responsible for her bad decisions then why just the decision to skip her pills and still have sex?  Why that particular one out of all of the dumb things she did, and will do?

She might need a windshield wiper on her car one day and decide to go without it which leads to a car crash.  Why shouldn’t we pay for a windshield wiper for everyone?  If we follow the ACA model then we could mandate that those be part of auto insurance.  And gas too.  Someone might run out of money and try to drive too far on fumes, only to have the car break down leading to them being run over, or abducted, or stranded, or, or, or…. being denied “access” to literally everything since they can’t get there.  Access to access is the most fundamental human right of them all.

The same argument can be applied to nearly everything we purchase.  So why birth control pills?  Why is that the rallying point?  I confess, I don’t have the slightest clue.  And neither does this woman.  All of these things have nothing to do with insurance.  Insurance is meant to pay for rare, ruinous events that people pool their money to cover.  Having insurance pay for maintenance items makes no sense.  If auto insurance has to cover wipers then the policy premiums will go up by the cost of the windshield wiper plus a small expense and profit margin.  You will come out worse than if you just paid directly for the damned things.

But the ACA is not insurance.  It is a wealth redistribution plan masquerading as insurance.  This woman doesn’t know much about anything, but she understands that much.  She understands freeloading.  And instead of asking her boyfriend to help out, she would prefer to ask strangers… no scratch that… she would prefer to compel strangers to pay her way.  And that is where the shiftlessness comes in.  In fact, she would rather use force against people who have done her no wrong than she would to refrain from sating her carnal desires until she can prepare for the consequences, or understands the risks she is taking.  She is demanding that we subsidize not her health, but rather her bad judgment.  And there is just not enough money in the world to cover something that enormous.

The kindest thing that could be done for her is exactly what happened to her.  She experienced the consequences of the choices she made and now has incentive to make better ones. She may not do that.  She may choose to whine and berate others. But at least the incentives are correct, and that is the best we can do for her because we can’t be there to make every decision for her over the course of her entire life even if we wanted to do so.

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