A Picture that is Symbolic of Our Age

This picture is the perfect image of whose interest are represented by each side of the Brexit.

Here you have a few elitist snobs cruising along in their multimillion dollar yacht, accompanied by their mascot, a washed up, third rate, rock star named Bob Geldoff.  It is always obligatory to have an “artist” in any gathering of the rich and powerful, for values of “artist” who are never actually busy creating anything.  Pitted against this lot you have a flotilla of working men piloting their fishing vessels up the Thames to try to get their voices heard about how the EU has destroyed their livelihood.

It isn’t enough that the elitist assholes who run everything are effete imbeciles.  They also have to try to drown out anyone who expresses a different opinion.  The boat Geldoff was on pulled up to the one carrying the leader of the protest and drowned him out with its superior sound system.  But the fishing boats got their licks in too when they hosed down the posh people, on the posh deck of the Koba-poshy Maru.

There will be blood before the international left is put back in their cages.  There always is with them.  This little Tussle on the Thames looked fun, and probably was.  But when men who work to support themselves and the country start protesting rather than the regular lot of rabble who are trying to steal a march while everyone else is at work, then you know passions are high.  The US put a stop to that sort of thing here when they demonized the Tea Party and had multiple government agencies do everything but round up their leaders.  But all that did was get them Trump who is everything they lied about the Tea Party being.

If you call the name of the demon often enough it always comes.  And it never enters by a door when a mirror will do.

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Amazon Customer Service is Becoming More Like Comcast

I have been an Amazon customer for I would guess over 15 years.  The last few years I have been a Prime member.  Over that time I have been very pleased with them.  But today I had a pretty bad experience that I thought I would share.  I don’t know if it was just my turn in the barrel, or if their customer service is getting worse.

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Stephen King Has Been in a Coma for the Past Seven Years

Today Mr. King and a bunch of other people who make their living fantasizing for money released a letter condemning Donald Trump.  It is OK as boilerplate, but coming as it does after seven years of rule by executive fiat it rings pretty hollow.  At least Stephen has an excuse since he has killed off the better part of his brain cells over the years abusing various substances, so if he is missing a few years here or there then it is understandable.  And his profession involves him locking himself in a room and ignoring the outside world so that doesn’t help either.  But all of these writers couldn’t have been locked in a cellar together for the entire last 7 years.   I have not heard of most of them, and even the ones I have (such as Amy Tan) I am only familiar with to the extent that I know to avoid their work.

Trump is not who I would pick for president over anyone other than someone like Hillary, but there is not a thing on this list that Obama hasn’t already done.  This is more otherizing, and safespace nonsense from people who can’t stand to have the slightest thing not go their way.  They hope you are a dope and will accept their celebrity as some sort of  authority.  Because really, who has a better grasp on politics than someone who thinks cars can be inhabited by malevolent spirits?

Here is the open letter they wrote to the American public along with a few comments that many Americans might wish to make in return;

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UTK Embarrasses Itself by Implementing Marxist Parking Prices

So you think that everyone should pay the same price if they consume the same good or service?  Well, you are wrong!  Little did you know that you should be charged based on your ability to pay.  Behold the parking permit prices for comrades employees of the People’s University of Tennessee.

  • $29,999 and under annual compensation will pay $20 per month
  • $30,000 to $59,999 will pay $30 per month
  • $60,000 to $149,999 will pay $35 per month
  • $150,000 and over annual compensation will pay $50 per month

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In Case You Are Not Feeling Inadequate Enough About Your Parenting

I saw where a father who is a video game designer created an enchanted tree house for his daughter’s room.


You can go to this link to see how he did it, but it will just depress the hell out of you.

I will say though that my own daughter is doing fine even without the fancy tree and ceramic forest friends.  She is 13 now and just returned from Space Camp in Huntsville AL.  She won an academic contest and the entire trip was paid for by a local business, Harrison Construction Company.  She also was invited to take the SAT in 7th grade because her scores on the state exams were in the top 5%.  She won’t be getting into college based on the score she received, but it was good practice for her.

Not bad considering about the closest I could come to dressing up her room like the one in the picture would be to paint the walls.  The rest of it is beyond my skills.

But just the thought that there are fathers out there doing nice things like this for their children can’t help but warm your heart.  The bastard…

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Gun and Hunting Sundries

An 11 year old boy says home invader “started crying like a little baby” after the boy shot him.  You gotta like a kid with enough moxie to mock a person who just broke in his home and threatened his life.  Hopefully he sat there and gave the perp a full ration of shit while they waited on the ambulance.  Maybe the generation which comes after the millenials won’t be another total loss.

Obama pushes “smart gun” technology.  Given that this is brought to us by the same people who brought us “smart power” and “smart diplomacy” I can only assume that, like our foreign policy, these guns will similarly refuse to harm our enemies while shooting us in the foot at every opportunity.  There is nothing like building a consistent brand.  You also have to wonder if the gun used in the first story would have been biometrically keyed to the kid vs. his parent if weapons were required to have this technology.  As much as some people worry about policemen and others being shot with their own guns, it is likely far more common that people are saved by guns wielded by those who are not the primary owner.  Lots of households have home defense weapons that can be used by friends and family should it become necessary.

On the bright side, any moves to require smart weapons will likely start with the federal government acquiring them.  I suggest the Secret Service be the first to test them.  That way if anything goes wrong we won’t really be out anything of value.

Hwange National Park to slaughter 200 lions due to lack of hunters.  You might remember that this was the park where the MOB (Moral Outrage Brigade) brought down their wrath on some poor dentist who shot a lion in Africa while he was there on a hunting trip.  As a result of the boycotts and bans there has been a dearth of hunters, which has predictably lead to an overpopulation of lions at the park.  Now the wardens there will have to cull the population.  If you ask, “what is the difference between the park rangers killing the lions and hunters doing it” the answer is about $1,000,000 (assuming $50k per hunting trip) that is not available to the local economy, or for the running of the park.

The other thing to remember is that it would not be acceptable to anyone in the MOB to have lions running around their neighborhood.  Yet, they expect Africans to be just fine with it.  Unsurprisingly, they are not.  They no more want lions roaming the streets of their villages than the typical New Yorker wants them in Central Park.  What they used to do to protect themselves was poison the local population and hunt the lions to extinction in the areas where people live (just like every other modern civilization has done and will continue to do).  What the money from the big game hunting allowed was for there to be incentives created whereby the lions were seen as having value and being a source of revenue rather than just being a threat.  Now that those incentives have been lessened it will be interesting to see what the response is.

But all of the hashtag warriors who created this problem have moved onto destroying other things and will never learn the lesson.

I had thought of the idea that maybe parks could tag the lions and then pit hunters against conservationists in a bidding war for each animal.  That way the MOB could actually do something useful rather than running around destroying things and then preening about it on Instagram.  But in the end the park could not honor any promise they made to not destroy the lions whose lives the conservationists won short of shipping those animals off to zoos.  You simply never know which animal will become a threat, and at any rate the population has to be controlled one way or the other.

Nature is red of tooth and claw, but no gazelle is ever brought down as violently and to less purpose than social media brings down those who draw its ire for being politically incorrect.






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A Walking Contradiction




It is one thing to get naked for a cause you believe in. It is another to get naked for both that cause and its opposite.

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Canada Makes Bid to Become America’s Dunce Cap

I have a question for you.  Is this quote from Canada’s new Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, more disgusting than it is dumb, or is it dumber than it is disgusting?

The Liberal leader was asked which nation he admired most. He responded: “There’s a level of admiration I actually have for China. Their basic dictatorship is actually allowing them to turn their economy around on a dime.”

First I have to ask, what is the difference between a “basic dictatorship” and the “deluxe model” dictatorship?  Does the more advanced model come with less food on the shelves and colder water in the gulags?  Does the basic model come with social justice warriors  instead of block captains?  And yes, including the word “basic” is a tell.  It is meaningless here, but stupid people think they have to throw in an adjective to make themselves look smarter.  But because they are stupid the best adjective they can come up with is something basic like “basic.”  “Actually” is another tell that you are talking to a simpleton.  I know because I use it all the time.  It actually adds absolutely nothing to the content of either sentence.  (Yes, he actually uses it in both sentences.)

Canadians are supposed to be nice people, but Trudeau has gone for the Full John Kerry in how insipid and casual he is about dictatorship.  WTF Canada?  Did you look at Obama and think to yourself, “We would certainly like to have our own embarrassing idiot!  Why should the US have the biggest and best of everything?  We must close the embarrassing, and oblivious, idiot gap!  Sharing Prince Charles with England isn’t enough!”  Or did you feel like you were being left out of the whole seventies revival thing the world has going on with economic malaise in the US under what is effectively Carter’s third term?

The truth is that the only thing that has helped China is that its government has stopped doing things it never had a right to do in the first place.  It has simply gotten out of the way.  The areas where it has tried to do something affirmative have been massive failures just as they always are.

Trudeau is one of those people who has great difficulty understanding how the world works.  Cause and effect simply eludes him.  He has never had to be useful.  He has never had to understand anything.  Everything has been provided for him.  Don’t believe me?  He is the type of man who would look at someone taking the boot off your neck and praise the boot for improving your breathing!  That is the exact logical equivalent of what he said, and it is the sort of thing you would expect one of those inbred royals that are strewn about Europe to say when they are trying to be profound between bouts of flying off to Davos to complain about how much carbon all of the peons are using with their dirty, dirty jobs, and their dirty, dirty homes, and the clothing they wear on their dirty backs while they live their fetid, little, dirty, inconsequential lives. 

In short, Trudeau is every bit the preening, useless ponce leftists hoped he would be.

On the bright side, I am older and the day I will die will come sooner than it would have yesterday.  At this rate I might just miss the complete excision of The Enlightenment from the history of human progress as all of the productive people are yoked to the ever burgeoning useless idiot cart full of people who understand nothing and decide everything.

Hat tip to Instapundit for finding this.

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Emma Watson Wants to Create a New Type of Porn

As part of her quest to prove just what a privileged and sheltered life she has lead, Emma Watson has recently come out for creating a new type of porn.

Emma Watson has called for the creation of “awesome alternatives” to pornography that empower instead of objectifying women.

Extraordinarily poor grammar aside…  Golly gee, doesn’t that just sound great!  A whole new way to watch people screw!

Apparently Emma has been locked under the stairs and denied internet access for most of her adult life because there is quite literally every type of erotica and porn that the human imagination can think of available at her fingertips and she can access it easier than waving her dildo and saying alohomora.   All she has to do is type a few words and click a mouse and before her will stretch every perversion, or every erotic and sincere type of lovemaking that is possible given man’s anatomical and emotional make-up.  You can also find some types that are not possible if you include anime’, special effects and furry costumes… or so I have been told.

If Emma Watson can think of something new in the area of human sexuality then she truly is a wizard and undoubtedly deserves a Nobel Peace Piece Prize for her efforts.  But despite her fame and wealth she is just another dumb, inexperienced kid who thinks she is going to recreate how we procreate from scratch.  I think at least some of this nonsense has gotten into her head because she has started hanging out with a bad crowd.

Last month she vowed to take a year off to study feminism, and as part of that effort she has started some sort of feminist book club.  The first author she chose was Gloria Steinem, and being who she is she was able to set up an interview.  Instead of talking about deadly problems women face such as honor killing or female genital circumcision they ended up prattling on about what a shame it is that the world is covered in porn of a type that they dislike.  And you know whose fault it is?  Why it is a vast right wing conspiracy of course!

Referring to a previous conversation she and Watson had, Steinem continued: “We were both worried about the envelopment of the earth in pornographic images. Young people especially. The right wing (right wing just in a general way) on one hand is suppressing sex education and allowing, or profiteering off pornography so young people look at porno and think that’s it.

Yes, those Baptists and their damnable porn studios.  It is all their fault.  If only they would allow erotica in schools people would know there are other ways of making love and not be tempted by those filthy, pornographic videos.  But then that would cut into their profits… in some unexplained manner that exists only in Steinem’s fevered imagination.  She seems to ascribe to the underpants gnomes school of economics.  Either that or she saw the porno they made earlier in their careers.

Really, there is no sense to be had here at all.  They complain that women are objectified in porn, but never acknowledge that porn is the word we give to the type of sexual depictions  where people are objectified.  Complaining about objectification in porn is like complaining about death in murder.  It is definitional.

But not everything is porn.  There is plenty of erotica.  And you know what we call videos where women and men are not objectified, and we learn something of their character and intelligence?  We call those movies, or TV shows.  They even have plots where the characters can display all of their best traits through their actions.  Indeed there is a whole genre of both movies and novels devoted just to the adulation and worship of women.  Romance novels are written specifically to cater to women’s sensibilities.  Probably over half of all lyrics and poems ever created by man are paeans to the virtues of the feminine and the beauty that is inherent in being a woman.  And possibly the most common trope in any form of entertainment is one where a man tries to prove himself worthy of a woman’s love… never vice versa.   What more do they want?  Well, if I am to believe what Emma and Gloria say, they want your porn.  And as Heston famously said, they can have it when they pry it from my cold, dead… umm… sticky hand…  ok, maybe that wasn’t the best call to arms, but you get the idea.

And of course they ignore the fact that men are also objectified in porn.  I know I spend a good portion of every day just quietly sobbing over the very thought of a woman being attracted to my naughty bits, certain in the knowledge none of them will ever see anything else of value in me.   Isn’t that normal?

Of course not!  The entire purpose of sexually stimulating material is to be sexually stimulating.  It is the rare bird who wanks off to a sonnet, or a third order differential equation (I prefer the nonhomogeneous third order ones myself, but I am kinky that way).  Humans have drives and porn is a way of sating those desires when an appropriate and willing mate is not available.  It is just like any other drive.  Sometimes I am hungry so I eat.  A good conversation would make the meal go down even better, but sometimes there are no conversationalists nearby.  But it doesn’t mean that I will forget how to talk the next time I go out to dinner with someone.

Basic needs have to be met and terrible things happen when they go unmet, or are suppressed.  Just look at how screwed up the Muslim world is where people blow themselves up in hopes of getting to see more than a woman’s ankle in the afterlife.  They have no porn, but they objectify women far more than any other culture because there is no socially acceptable outlet available to them.

No, what Emma is really complaining about is not that what she is calling for doesn’t exist, or that it is not widely available.  What she is complaining about is that you, dear reader,  do not have the same sort or repressed sexuality and naivety that she does.  It is not about offering more choices because there is nothing more to offer.  It is about her instructing you as to the proper choices to make from those offerings.  And while that might make for a pleasant diversion were she to provide such instruction in person, it really is unappealing and makes her come off as both hectoring and addlepated when she tries to start a public campaign to invalidate everyone else’s sexuality, including that of many women.  Simply put, why would I adapt my sexuality to hers when she is not my partner?  Why should I validate her choices over mine or my partner’s?  And her only answer is that she is a feminist as if that gives her some moral authority.  It doesn’t.  Catholics are great people and Catholicism is a wonderful creed, but they still have to convince me that their views on sex are the best for me befoer I adopt them.  Feminists are terrible people so the hill they have to climb is even higher.

I guess somehow us muggles will just have to muddle along without advice from Hermione and that thing that even Hagrid couldn’t love.  But if Ms. Watson really wants to convince me to change my ways I challenge her to appear in some erotica of the sort she thinks is best for my consumption so that I can make up my own mind.  I am open minded enough to at least examine the evidence.  And she can rest assured I would never presume to tell her what she should find arousing.

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More Odd Twitter Behavior?

Twitter has been taking a lot of flack for holding conservative users to a different standard of behavior than everyone else.  Recently prominent conservatives have had their accounts pulled, or had their verification checkmark removed, or been shadowbanned.  And yes, Twitter is petty enough to not even let a user have the checkmark that denotes he is really who he claims to be so as to distinguish his real account from parody or hijacked accounts.  It is almost like a gaggle of 13 year old girls took over the company and locked the adults out of the building.

The upshot is that everyone from journalists at Breitbart, to the actor Adam Baldwin, to R. S. McCain have either left Twitter or been banned.

I noticed some other odd behavior today which I thought I would see if anyone else noticed.  Yesterday, as part of the protest to Twitter’s actions,  I blocked a few of the ads they were running and let the sponsors of those adds know why.  Today I have absolutely no ads of any sort.  I can’t say I miss them any, but I wonder if this is another damage control initiative by Twitter?  If you have noticed anything similar or have a more prosaic explanation then please let me know.

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