Notorious, High Priced Washington Call Girl Has Medical Episode

Hillary Clinton, a notorious, high priced Washington call girl who sells government access for cash, had a medical episode today where she had to leave a 9/11 memorial event due to overheating.

Here is a video of her being helped into a van.  She appears to be near collapse.


There is some speculation on Twitter as to whether she will drop out of the race but I think there is little chance of that happening short of her being interred and embalmed.

I don’t see her giving up the pursuit of power.  It is what she has yearned for her entire life — the ability to compel others to take seriously a woman who is bereft of any intellectual gifts, and who cannot compete on any basis other than selling favors.  She gave up her dignity in supporting Bill, she gave up her conscience and ethics for money.  She gave up having any sort of love in her life which does not revolve around the pursuit of power.  What would she have left if she dropped out of the race?

It is an interesting election though when both parties would increase their chances of winning if their nominee were to drop out.  It may not be entirely pleasant living through the collapse of a country, but it is certainly interesting.

And given that temperature yesterday morning in New York were in the low 80’s I think it is fair to say that if Hillary overheated she is either exhausted or is in poor health due to some other medical condition.

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The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch Has Been Discovered

Well, at least according to Fox News.

Crusade Grenade – Bane of Killer Rabbits

Recovered near Northern Israel, it is thought that the clay device would be filled with a flammable liquid such as alcohol and once a burning fuse was inserted would then be thrown at enemy ships.  These were used fairly commonly around the 11th century or so in Syria and elsewhere.

It sounds more like a Molotov Cocktail than an actual hand grenade.

No word of its effectiveness against killer rabbits.


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First Pictures of the Earth Taken from the Moon are Restored

Almost 50 years ago to the day on August 23rd, 1966 NASA used five lunar orbiters to takes pictures of the moon in order to find proper landing sites for the upcoming manned missions.  In the background of some of those pictures we can see our own world in what were the first pictures of the earth taken from another celestial body.

Given the technology of the time the quality of the printouts were not very good.

NASA lunar orbiter photo

But the pictures themselves were actually of much higher resolution as can be seen below the fold.

Continue reading

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3 Doors Down Guitarist Dies

Matt Roberts passed away yesterday at the age of 38. As you can likely guess the cause was reported as an overdose.

According to his father, Roberts had suffered from anxiety most of his life which lead him to seek medication.

I know he had prescription drug addiction. He suffered greatly from anxiety. It’s crazy as a performer; he never liked crowds or liked places he didn’t know about as a baby, as a child, and this was his way of dealing with it and me and him talked about it often,” Roberts said.

3 Doors Down came along about the time I was building my small business and was disconnected from the music scene a bit.  I really liked the fact that they were a Southern band whose singer didn’t try to hide his accent and had an authentic sound.

I have suffered from some of the same anxieties as Roberts did so I know how powerful they can be.  It played a large role in which career I picked. In this and other ways, panic attacks and anxiety can determine the entire structure of a person’s life, and if you are prone to them they can make your life a living hell.  You will think this is an odd thing to say, but Matt Roberts had to be a very brave man to face his demons down to the point where he could travel and perform as much as he did.  He ultimately lost his battle, but left us with a legacy we can all enjoy.  I hope he has found the peace that eluded him in life.

This is one thing I hate about how it is no longer possible to make a living selling music because it is all pirated, or free in one form or another.  The rates artists get from streaming are so low as to be nonexistent, so you are left with only the lowest common denominator acts, or those which can tour non-stop being the successful ones.  It has always been that way to some extent, but it is worse now.  There are a lot of great musicians, artists and songwriters out there who just aren’t cut out to be live performers.  I have known some of them, and the world has really missed out on hearing what they have to offer.  If you find music you like then buy the CD or pay to download the album — especially if it is by a small act or one which doesn’t tour.  Think of yourself as a patron of the arts on a very small scale.  You get more of what you pay for so you sculpt the musical landscape and the culture with your purchase.

Like I say, I don’t know much about Roberts, but he died while on a trip to give a benefit concert for Stars and Stripes Honor Flight which provides transport for veterans to visit the monuments that have been erected in their honor.  You can make a donation here.

“He just never did do crowds and always was nervous around public settings, but I’ll tell you he loved our military,” the father says.

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How Deeply Ingrained is Progressive Racism?

This deep;


At some point African Americans are going to catch on that they are being punked by the progressives.

But for that to happen the right will have to consistently make an argument instead of just conceding the black vote. If Trump does nothing else then he at least has started that conversation if others are smart enough to continue it.

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University of California Davis Acknowledges Moral Superiority of the South

In order to prevent triggering people and hurting their feelings the University of California at Davis is urging its students not to use phrases like “Hey, guys” or “Hey, Girls” but instead to say “y’all.”

Just think how their minds will be blown when they figure out that the South is more enlightened in every other way as well.

Seriously, we have reached peak victimhood when the shame of pretending that words like “Hey, guys” are unbearable to you is considered less than the power that can be gained from engaging in such a ruse.

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Well, So Much For Watching the Olympics

Some asshole just came on and said that next they will have a segment of the opening ceremony warning us that the climate sometimes changes.  In the completely irrational cant of our present age this is short for anthropogenic global warming of the sort that may, or may not, warm.  I have to say, that there is nothing  more entertaining than being lectured on the environment by a country which can’t even get all of the human waste out of their Olympic watersport venues.

The little, brain dead leftists who populate the governmental boards which plan these events think they just have to insert their agitprop into everything they touch.  When the games were held in England they even had an ode to frickin’ NHS of all things.  I am surprised they didn’t have big, brown dancing teeth as well.  I mean they have to have gone somewhere!  And I shudder to think what we will be treated to when the next Olympics is held in the US.  Maybe policemen running around shooting black children, or a paean to Planned Parenthood.  I swear to God, it is like something has been put in the water which lowers IQ by about 30 pts or so.  There is an environmental catastrophe which no one is talking about.

Here is a pro tip for future Olympic planners, if you suck at something you probably shouldn’t call attention to it. Yes, I know you think it is a prime opportunity to lobby for more money for the NHS, or to shake down the developed world over warming/not warming, but when you do that it doesn’t fool anybody and it makes you look desperate.

If there was a way to measure beauty Brazilians would lead the world in the per capita statistics.  It is too bad their leaders can’t behave themselves and decided to be so ugly when they had a chance to present their country in its best light.

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Obama Continues Experiment in Time Travel and Alternate History

One of the lowlights of Jimmy Carter’s tenure in office was the Iranian hostage crisis where the mullahs minions invaded our embassy and took several of our citizens hostage.  They then proceeded to embarrass President Carter in ways that would make the most jaded Dockside Dolly blush.

But even as feckless as Carter was, he froze money that had been transferred to the US as payment for military equipment and he cut off all arms shipments to the Iranians.  In other words, he acted reasonably in doing the bare minimum you would expect.  If you are in the middle of selling a gun to someone and they start beating on your wife then needless to say they aren’t going to get either the gun, or any of their money you have in your possession.  They may get the contents of the gun given to them at a very high rate of speed, but only a fool arms and enriches their enemy.  (Yes, that last sentence is what those in the writing business call foreshadowing.)

Every president since then has just sat on those funds for reasons I don’t pretend to understand since they could have just as easily declared them forfeit due to the tiny, little, inconsequential fact that Iran committed an act of war when they invaded US sovereign territory in the form of our embassy, and that they have engaged in terrorism against US interests ever since then.  They easily could have been used to pay for damages, and the US could have made a show of doing so.  If Iranian backed terrorists blew something up then that money could have been used to rebuild or to treat those injured until it was all used up.  Or it could have been used to fund groups opposed to the mullahs.  Either way, the right incentives would be created.

But holding the money worked out to the advantage of the United States so of course Obama could not let it stand.  He will be damned if he lets any dollar go unwasted on his watch.  He unfroze those assets and paid them to the Iranians in return for a more recent set of US hostages who were subsequently released once we had sent pallets of currency to the enemy who had taken them.  The observant reader has probably noticed a pattern of belligerent acts on the part of the Iranians here since the term “hostage” keeps occurring.  Well Obama hasn’t noticed any such thing.  The man is preternatural in his ability to misunderstand and this why no rational person can in turn understand him.  No one understands what he thinks he is gaining by dealing with the Iranians and green lighting their quest for an atomic bomb.  No one understands why he did not back the Green revolution in Iran when he first came to power and chose the mullahs instead.  No one understands why he would pay ransom for hostages and thus make it profitable for the Iranians to take more of them — which is exactly what they turned around and did immediately upon finding out how lucrative the market was for them.  I doubt even Obama can explain why he does what he does other than he is so bitter and angry at the US that he thinks if he does the opposite of what was done in the past he will be on the right side of history.

Today, when Obama’s safespace, spokesmillenial was asked about it he averred that it was a great deal because otherwise we would have been taken to court and had to pay many billions of dollars more.  I  — SHIT — YOU — NOT.  That is what the dumbass said.  And this is from an administration which would not enforce a US Court ruling that Iran pay the victims of its terrorism.  Get that?  We are supposed to funnel 1.7 billion dollars to our enemies to head off a court which has no authority over us (and which represents the most despotic nations and most backwards ideals on the planet), but a ruling from a court following laws which Obama has sworn to uphold is completely optional.   I need not mention that we could have used the frozen funds to pay the victims of Iran’s terrorism and satisfy the US court’s ruling, but Obama instead chose to pay the terrorists.

Ambassador Bolton was on air when the clip was played and he called the shameless, male trollop of a spokesperson who assumes whatever position Obama likes for money (regardless of anatomical possibility) a fool.  But he is not a fool.  He is just a tool.  Obama is the fool.  And we are fools for electing him.  He isn’t even selling our enemies the rope with which they intend to hang us.  He is handing it to them.

The original hostage crisis was resolved when the mullahs pissed all over themselves at the thought of what Reagan would do to them when he came into office.  They had a spiffy new revolution to play with and peasants they had only just started abusing.  They thought there was a significant, non-zero chance that Reagan would drop the atomic bomb on them and interrupt the party before it even got started.  Now, in a strange moral and historical inversion, this current hostage crisis was not resolved, but rather augmented by allowing the Iranians to develop their own bomb, take more hostages, and continue sponsoring terrorism around the globe.

Amazon has a TV series based on a Philip K Dick story called The Man in the High Castle.  It is about what the world would have been like had the Axis powers won WWII.  Alternate histories have often been a trope in science fiction.  But this is the first time I can remember where someone has tried to turn back the clock and reverse the course of past events in real life.  When Obama was reciting his litany of ludicrous claims about how he was going to make the oceans recede, and make us the ones we were always waiting for I guess he forgot to mention he was also going to turn back the temporal tide and reset history.

Right now the clock sets on the 1970’s with economic malaise, US retreat from the world, the Middle East on fire and the Russians advancing.  Racial tensions are worse than at any point in my lifetime and absolutely no one thinks we are heading in the right direction because most people like to move towards the future rather than the past.  Domestically, we are fast approaching the point where we would have been had we lost the Cold War.  Certainly national socialists such as were common in WWII would recognize how we now order our society, and the international socialists would be right at home with how the laws on the books do not reflect how they are enforced.

If we screw up and elect Hillary I think this whole process will accelerate and we will be lucky if the wheel of time lands on anything much past the Dark Ages by the time my daughter is my age.  At some point Clinton allowing the Norks to get a bomb, and Obama allowing the Iranians to have one is going to bite us in the ass in a big way.  Importing our enemies and allowing the barbarians inside the gate is going to spread the problem rather than contain it.  Even if Trump turns out to be a better selection and is elected (both big ifs), our enemies have been incentivized to attack us.  And if they fail they just have to wait for the next naive leftist, or college lounge lizard to come along so he can reset the clock for them.

And who knows.  Carter is still alive and has eligibility left.

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I Will Say One Thing About Trump

No one will be able to blackmail him with pictures of his wife.  NSFW link.

I would give the Russians our nuclear launch codes myself just to prevent seeing a similar picture of Hillary, or Bill for that matter.  Speaking of which…

Former President Clinton’s office declined to comment today on reports that he managed to lose the personal identification code needed to confirm nuclear launches and never told anyone about it.

I don’t think we will have to worry about this with Hillary.  She could just e-mail the launch codes to herself and then she would always be able to call the Russians for them.

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Hillary is Still Failing the Turing Test

I made a similar joke about this clip on a football board the other day so I think pretty much everyone saw the glitch. I am sure they will have that worked out before they go to production.

At least if she loses her concession speech will already be written for her.

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears…in…rain. Time to die.

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