How to Punish Your Enemies has an article on how our noble representatives in Washington DC are seeking to exempt themselves from the great boon they have granted us in the form of Obamacare.  No, they are not forgoing its multifluous* benefits to save the taxpayers a few hard earned dollars.  Instead they are afraid it will be too expensive and drive away talent.

It seems to me that if this law were so great everyone would not be seeking exemptions from it.  Pretty much every union and every large business in the country got waivers to postpone implementing it.  Hell, entire states bargained to be exempted from paying for it just to get it passed in the first place.

Yet, somehow the pols and the regressive, Euro-centric left continue to reassure us that Pelosi and gang getting liquored up and restructuring 1/6th of the entire economy  behind closed doors will end in something other than disaster.  So, as always, if you can’t stop them the best revenge is to see to it that they get what they wanted… and that they get it good and hard.

Obama famously stated that he does not want his children “punished” by a pregnancy.  But he is fine with punishing everyone else’s kids with this abortion of a healthcare plan that he has been sure to exempt his allies from.

We truly do have the worst ruling class of a major western power since Roman times.  Nero would be considered a wise and sober guardian of the people’s interests by comparison to this lot.

* (I made that word up because it seemed fitting to use a mythical word to describe mythical benefits)

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