The Quality of Your Enemies

They say you can tell the greatness of a person by who their enemies are.

Margaret Thatcher must have been a very great lady indeed to have earned the ire of this lot. 

The Iron Lady stood tall and gave Great Britain a brief respite from its decline.  She and Reagan were responsible for winning the Cold War despite having to fight it on two fronts (with people such as Ted Kennedy notoriously running off to brief our Soviet adversaries before a major summit).  It seems the left has not changed one iota since that time.  Unfortunately, there are more of them now and they hold power.  We desperately need leaders of Thatcher’s and Reagan’s ilk but there do not seem to be any on the horizon.

That as much as anything is why I started Helm’s Deep.  Even if we cannot withstand the assault on our liberties we can at least document the decline so that maybe someday others will be able to see where it all went wrong.

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