Why is journalism so bad these days?

If you ask a student why they chose journalism as their major one of the most common responses is that they “want to make a difference.”  That response should of course disqualify them from the field.  Their job is to report the facts, nothing more and nothing less.  When your motivation is to “make a difference” then one must ask, “what difference do you wish to make?”  And for that question to be answered the budding journalist must take a side.

“Making a difference” is leftist cant for promoting whatever cause is fashionable on the left at the current time.  It implies that there is some direction which they wish to influence their readers to take.  There is no greater sin that a real journalist can commit.  They should be completely celibate when engaging the issues.

The only acceptable answer to such a question is that they want to report the facts and do it so well as to justify drawing a paycheck.  Anything in excess of that makes them useless to the purpose for which they are hired.


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