Hawking Proves He’s No Einstein

Hawking has a reputation of being a bit of a dullard when it comes to things outside his specialty (just read his books if you don’t believe me – they are pretty much a non sequitur a minute) and politics is not an exception.  He recently allowed Noam Chomsky of all people to talk him into boycotting Israel because of that country’s desire to continue existing and living in peace.

Einstein was pretty much the opposite.  He was a polymath who was good at most things, especially seeing to the heart of a difficult matter and, despite some well known personal peccadilloes, he was considered to be a truly wise man whose advice is still quoted to this day.  Hawking, unfortunately, just showed that his conscience is as much a shriveled husk as the rest of his body.  Instead of being an object of sympathy and an example of the fortitude of what man is capable of even under the most trying conditions he is now just an object of derision and disgust.  And no, he does not get a pass because of his condition.  If he can receive praise for his brilliance then he can receive criticism for his foolishness.

I would like to think he is just ignorant of politics.  And a strong case can be made for that given who he consulted on the matter.  No one can read or interact with Chomsky without coming away dumber for the encounter.  But Stephen should know as much and were he wise he would see through the bullshit.  I certainly could not imagine Einstein falling for such an obvious dodge.  Hawking must now not only bear the burden of his misshapen shell of a body but also the ignominy of supporting a people whose only grievance is that the Jews do not die often enough and quickly enough to suit them.

Just this week a major Palestinian official stated that if they had a nuclear bomb they would use it immediately on the Israelis and of course it is well known that the Palestinians teach their children to hate the Jews even in the cartoons they show.  There will be no peace while there are fools like Hawking who make it profitable for the Palestinians to hate rather than settle.  I would also bet Hawking is completely ignorant of the fact that the Israelis have offered the “Palestinians” nearly everything they want several times only to be turned down by the Pali’s terrorist leaders.

Hawking does not get a pass for supporting such barbarians no matter the reason and frankly, he should be shunned from the company of good and decent men everywhere just as he would see the Israelis shunned.

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