A Few Ruminations on the George Zimmerman Case

If you watched the George Zimmerman trial at all then by now you know that in a complete inversion of what ordinarily happens in such instances the prosecution did a fantastic job of proving that Zimmerman was innocent beyond a reasonable doubt; not that they did not try to do the opposite.  They pulled pretty much every dirty trick in the book.  They just didn’t have a shred of evidence.  But aside from the rather obvious malfeasance, there were a few other interesting aspects of the case that heretofore have not been remarked upon.  If you are short on time then just skip to point 3 since it is the key one and they aren’t really all related.

1: For all of the talk of “profiling” the only evidence of such happening against a protected group was when the prosecution’s star witness testified that Martin thought George might be a gay man looking for sex.  Had Zimmerman not been able to defend himself we might be looking at a true case of a hate crime where a man is attacked because he is thought to be gay.  So why is the left not up in arms about this?  Why are gay men not angry?  If they aren’t sure enough of Jeantel’s testimony as to Trayvon’s motivation being homophobic in nature why are they so willing to believe the rest of her story.

2:  Homophobia is epidemic in the black community just as racism is.  There was a recent poll out where even black people acknowledge that they view other black people as being more bigoted than the other races.  It does not help them to have a role model in the White House who tries to rationalize that point of view and make it acceptable.

3:  Most of what happened here is due to Obama’s cynical and corrupted view of how the world works.  His wife, Michelle, made the infamous remark that she had never before (previous to the election of her husband) been proud of her country.  But I think most people missed the import of that remark.  She and her husband ascribe to the world view that the game is rigged.  So the first thing they do when in office is start rigging the game in what they perceive to be the other direction.

This is exactly what they mean when they say they want social justice.  They don’t want an even playing field.  They want to atone for what they perceive as past injustices… even if they have to create new injustices to do it.  And here is the key tell in all of this.  If they wanted justice they would simply call it that;  justice.  The fact they have to stick the word “social” in front of it tells you that they have no interest in real justice at all… just as putting the word “social” in front of engineer tells you that you are not dealing with an engineer of any sort at all.  There would simply be no need for the modifier otherwise.  You can always catch the left by looking for their tax.. umm mandate… erm, I mean their language games.

Today a young man had the courage to ask Obama’s spokesperson what Obama was doing to try to protect George Zimmerman from the death threats he was receiving.  Implied in that question was Obama’s culpability in bringing about this sorry state of affairs.  For his trouble the young man was laughed at and dismissed out of hand.  He did not understand that social justice is not for him or those like him and the current administration does not deal in the real kind.

I think this mindset explains a good deal of the lawlessness and highhandedness we see from the Obama administration.  They are willing to reward their cronies at our expense and punish their enemies… even if they have to ignore the law to do so.  If a Black Panther intimidates white voters at a polling place then that is just put down as recompense for what the KKK did in the past.  It is considered justifiable and in comportment with all of the principles of social justice so why should anyone be punished?  What for?  Evil men always have some rationalization of this sort and I think I finally understand what the rationalization is that Obama follows.

Obama thinks this is not only how government is supposed to work, but it is how it has always worked.  He must be truly baffled when people don’t applaud him for his lawlessness.  The only explanation in his mind is that these must be bitter people who cling to the past and do not want him to have his turn.  Th eonly possible motivation for that must be racism.  Thus his peevishness and his “I won” posturing when he doesn’t get his way.  Don’t they understand that this is how it is done and that the losers must submit to whatever indignity the winner inflicts upon them?

Zimmerman is not even a person to Obama.  He is just a symbol to be used or manipulated for political gain.  The left is completely tribal (which is something I intend to expound upon in a later post).  No one is an individual.  Everyone is a member of a group and everything is political.  Thus no one is safe.  Where social justice is the law of the land the only type of justice present is injustice.

I think I am finally able to understand what motivates Obama now and how he thinks.  It was just so vile a concoction for me to swallow that I did not think to look for it in the sewer rather than the cupboard.

As an engineer by training I have very little patience for obvious horseshit, so a lot of you have probably already figured out the social justice angle since you have been exposed to it in more formal settings.  I just can’t believe people have so wretched and weak a moral constitution as to succumb to that way of thinking.  It’s not even a sophisticated dodge.


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