Brave New World… Well, at Least it’s New.

Tooth censor tells if you have been cheating on your diet or smoking.  How long do you think it will be before Michelle and Barrack figure out you can link this to the military and have a drone strike occur within minutes?  Nanny Bloomberg only dreams about having this technology… and now that the government can mandate whatever the hell it wishes…  Maybe they can add a microphone so the NSA doesn’t have a huge blind spot as to non-electronic communications?   Makes me glad I learned sign language.  OK, I will stop.  This is beginning to sound like a Directv commercial.  If you put a despot in power you will end up with a censor in your tooth.  Don’t put a despot in power.

Plastic bag ban increases shoplifting.  I couldn’t figure out why this would be the case, and the linked article doesn’t explain it, but I suppose it is because people wander in and out with opaque bags that may or may not be empty all day.  I am not sure why this is more of a problem than purses would normally be but I guess the temptation is just higher.  Maybe it doubles the number of potential shoplifters of a certain type since men do not usually carry purses.

Could an asteroid knock moon from its orbit?  Here is another poorly written and researched article with a nifty headline.  We will just add this to the list of things we can worry about on the tail end of the risk spectrum.  Given my spreading, middle aged waistline I am more concerned with gravity knocking me out of my chair than I am with the moon being knocked out of its orbit.  Besides, the Obama administration has given me a new perspective on things.  How bad could the moon colliding with the earth really be versus what we are going through now?

Men more than six times as likely to be struck by lightning than women.  The war on men continues.  I know this statistic is because men are more likely to be outside for various reasons during inclement weather, but this wouldn’t matter if it were women suffering the consequences of their own choices.  For instance, if they decide to have a baby and leave the workforce their effect on the average pay rates, or percentage of women holding top positions would be seen as evidence of discrimination.  I see no reason why lightning strikes hitting men disproportionately should not also be seen as evidence of discrimination against men, even though it is a direct consequence of the risks they assume and choices they make.

The logic is the same in both cases, it is just harder to assign a nefarious motive to God than man.  That, and men are decent enough to not try blaming all of their woes on others.  Women could learn a lot from the patience and forbearance of men.  That is not fashionable to say, but no one would blink an eye if the obverse statement were made.  Surely if the sexes are truly equal then both formulations must be equally true.  Otherwise we have to sort out which is superior… or simply, acknowledge that people are individuals with individual strengths, values and weaknesses which inform their choices and lead to disparate results.  Nasty thought that, heh?

For more on this subject of how men and women are treated differently I ran across an excellent book from a fellow Knoxvillian…

Judging from my site counter I am pretty sure no one has read this blog yet and I am really writing for myself at this point to see if I like it and have anything to add.  But one thing I have already learned is how good it feels to link to people you respect and try to help them, in even a small way.  That is pretty great.

On that note, here is another book that sounds interesting.

Mr. Branca did yeoman’s work in covering the Zimmerman trial.  With the political games going on around guns these days it pays to be well informed as to the status of the law.  If the Zimmerman case proved anything it is that the ONLY check and balance still functioning in our Republic is our juries.  Oddly enough it is the only power that has not been usurped by our “betters.”  Or in the case of the budget and economic matters our “bettors.”

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