Just Thought I Would Take a Stab at Doing a Campaign Poster For Hillary

I got this off Ace’s site and just added the caption so the credit should go there.


Of course, given how Obama has inflamed racial tensions for no good purpose we will be lucky if we don’t see this sort of scene more often in the US.  The Islamists know good propaganda when they see it and have already jumped on the Trayvon bandwagon because they know it weakens the US.  Damn shame our president does the same sort of thing.

syrians love them some propaganda

I am not sure if they are talking about Assad or the Jews when referring to “immune criminals”… there are just so many of those about these days.  Apparently they have never been forced to visit Washington DC or they would not find such people so remarkable.

Antisemitism is the common denominator between the left and the terrorists.   I suppose these guys were as unhappy that Assad was not Jewish as the left in the US was that Zimmerman was Hispanic.  Albeit, a white one.

If George was smart he would have claimed protection under the Endangered Species Act.  To my knowledge at least, he is the only known example of the rare White Hispanic ever found in the wild.

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