Never Ending Playlist

I stumbled upon a new website for music lovers, Never Ending Playlist

It lets you type in the name of an artist or group and then it generates a playlist of their work.  You can skip, play and pause to your heart’s content.  As a test I entered Porcupine Tree which yielded 50 separate songs.  The same for Steve Vai.  I assume 50 is the limit.  When you reach the end of the playlist it cycles back around.

I am ambivalent about this since I know musicians are pretty much all starving now. No one besides a few stalwarts like me ever actually buys their music anymore as opposed to stealing it or streaming it.  So the only ones who make money are the ones who make such a spectacle of themselves that people want to come out to witness the train wreck.  There are still some guys like James Taylor floating around who have built a loyal following but I doubt even he could subsist in the music market as the land lays now if he were a new artist.

Anyway, the Never Ending Playlist is a good way to audition an artist.  Just go out and buy their stuff if you like it.

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