Postcripts from Post Constitutional America

The beatings will continue until the morale improves.   Given the all out frontal assault Obama has waged on job creation it is amazing the economy is doing as well as it is.  Once Obamacare has the final stake put through its heart we might have a chance to get back on track.  But all of this temporizing and putting off the inevitable only makes businesses less likely to hire and delays the recovery.  We have more people dropping out of the workforce and more people going on food stamps than we have jobs being created.  Incentives matter.

It is popular now to blame our lack of a recovery on something other than the policies in Washington but there is one economic philosophy that would have predicted exactly the results we are getting and it is not one held by most college economic professors who would rather believe that this recovery is different than every other recovery because… well, they will get back to you on that.  They are still trying excuses on for size.  So far we have been through “we did not spend enough money on solar panels” that will never be used to “the world has changed and we can’t compete.”  Maybe they can find the recovery hiding in the same place all of the heat from global warming has been hiding for the last 15 years.  So far their best guess is the bottom of the ocean.  My theory is that is where the economy is hiding until sanity returns.

Of course maybe what we need is to repeal the 1st Amendment so that not only will the press be unwilling to criticize the president but it could actually be made illegal to do so.

Obama sponsored an expansion of Stand Your Ground rights in IL before he figured out how much fun it was to get the rubes excited about how racist it is and stuff.  If you actually bother to read the transcript of any of his speeches (something that my knowledge no one has ever bothered doing) then you will notice he doesn’t just change from one position to another over time but he does it from paragraph to paragraph.  OK, I guess technically that is over time but he seems to be eager to denounce himself as soon as possible.  In his big, impromptu speech on race he claimed we needed to convene conferences between politicians, race baiters etc… and then just flat out said these things never work.  So he not only proposed something he thinks is useless but he told us flat out it would be useless in the very next paragraph.

Well, I assume it was the next paragraph since there does not seem to be any organizing pattern to his speech.  He pretty much just mumbles whatever comes to mind at the moment with no regard as to how it all fits together.

Don’t tell me no one else has noticed this.


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