Local Mayor Joins Bloomberg’s Insane Clown Posse

The Daily Times of Maryville recently had an article about how Maryville’s mayor, Tom Taylor has decided to join the band of thugs, criminals and political opportunists who make up Michael Bloomberg’s notorious group known as Mayor’s Against Illegal Guns.

Let’s examine his motivation as he states it in his own words.

Gun shows are where there is the most movement of guns, that and on the Internet. Guns, mainly automatic and semiautomatic, are sold without any background checks.

This is so garbled it is hard to understand just what he is trying to say.  By “movement” I guess he means the sale of guns.  I know he chose that word “movement” to imply illegality but what goes on at gun shows is exactly the same as what goes on anywhere else and is perfectly legal.  Dealers must have licenses and follow the same rules on background checks at gun shows as at their shops, while people who are selling a weapon or two from their collection are not required to have a license or conduct a background check.  The latter are very few in number as it costs money to set up a table and typically it is not worth it to dispose of a gun or two.  If someone dies and has an extensive collection then that might be the exception where a relative tries to cash out.  But in no case is there a loophole that allows anything to happen on the internet or at a gun show that is any different than what happens everywhere else.

And it goes without saying that most sales do not occur at gun shows.  Nor do many guns used in crimes come from gun shows.  According to the National Institute of Justice Study politicians like to cite only 2% of guns used in gun crimes come from gun shows.  Gun control advocates like to abuse another figure that comes from that study by saying that 40% of guns come from gun shows because the study said about 35% (yep, they rounded up, but that is the least of their crimes against logic and reason) of guns were acquired without a background check. But that ignores the fact that the vast majority of those transfers are due to inheritance, gifts, or sales between friends, relatives or co-workers outside of gun shows etc…

Taylor is just talking out of his ass here.  Well, to be fair it isn’t even his own ass he is talking out of. His ass is just parroting what some other ass said… in this case Obama, Bloomberg and the rest of the posse.  If you pressed him he couldn’t explain a bit of what he just said.  But he is safe in the knowledge that journalism is such a degraded profession that he will never be asked to explain himself.

“I have a friend who is retired military. He said there is only one place assault rifles should be and that’s on the battlefield,” Taylor said.

Nothing like a call to some unspecified, anonymous authority that isn’t even, you know, the sort of authority who would have any unique knowledge or insight to add.  Obviously, there is no functional difference between your typical hunting rifle and the “assault rifles” that are on the market now.  They are not allowed to be fully automatic and frankly, if you wanted to do the most damage you would not set a rifle to fully automatic mode anyway.  The military doesn’t even have a full auto mode on their M16’s anymore because at a fire rate of over 600 rounds per second a typical 30 round clip would be expended in well under a second and as a result you couldn’t engage much more than a single target.  By the time you aim the clip is empty.    But the point is moot because automatic weapons are illegal, as are ones with burst modes like the military currently uses, so it is impossible to tell what Taylor or his friend are trying to say here.

Taylor invoking an acquaintance who is retired military, and whose lack of knowledge about guns mirrors his own, strikes me as being rather convenient in the same way that people like to point out that all of their minority friends think the same as they do.  Sure they do ;o/  But none of this matters because the “assault weapons” civilians have are not the same as the ones on the battlefield.  Here too it would have been nice had the reporter bothered to ask for clarification.  And it would have been way, way too much to ask that a reporter know that the percentage of deaths caused by the scariest looking guns (the only definition that seems to fit what Taylor is getting at when he says assault weapons) is vanishingly small.  About 1/20th of all gun deaths are due to rifles and of those the ones Taylor is so concerned about make up a very, very small percentage.

It seems the one qualification that is necessary to be a reporter these days is a high degree of ignorance and a low amount of curiosity.  This issue has been around long enough that no one should be able to get away with making statements such as Taylor made.  We simply know better.

But as bad as Taylor is he still couldn’t take the prize for the most ridiculous statement by a local pol.  That went to Alcoa Mayor Don Mull for this little gem.

I think any kind of illegal weapon should be banned.

Which is of course the logical equivalent of saying that any sort of water should be wet.  We are so used to our politicians being complete idiots that this sort of stuff goes unremarked.  But we have reached the point where there are just too many idiots about and they have entirely too much power.  It is sad to think that the insanity has even penetrated a pretty sensible place like Tennessee.  There are still just five mayors in TN who have joined Bloomberg’s little gang but that is five too many. 

Let’s make sure we make some progress in this area during the next round of elections.

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