Movie Time… Excellent

I have had cause to think about a couple of movies this week.  One I saw and the other I intend to never see.

The first is titled, “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.”  If you are looking for a film to educate your child as to the horrors that occurred during the Holocaust then you could do much worse than this film.  A German soldier is appointed Commandant of a Jewish labor camp during World War II and moves his family with him.  They live outside the compound but close enough that his son is able to walk to the fence surrounding the camp where he meets another little boy who is interned there.  They develop a friendship through the fence which of course is destined to end in tragedy.

My daughter is ten and she has a rather nebulous view of what happens during wars in general and what happened during WWII in particular.  It is not that long ago she was asking me which “team” her grandfather played on in the war.  This film is not graphic in any way and is structured in a manner that shows things from a child’s perspective.  The end is very jarring so you might want to view it beforehand if your child is sensitive and make a judgment for yourself.  Given the subject matter it is impossible for it to be otherwise, but I thought it was appropriate for my child and it seemed to get the point across in a way she could understand and empathize with.  Every generation has to be educated as to what happened in the past so that we are not doomed to repeat it.  When and how to go about this is something every parent must decide for themselves.

this wasn’t a perfect movie.  I felt like tit missed a lot of opportunities for revelations to occur along the path to enlightenment as the little boy comes to question what his father is doing.  But it does a good job in illustrating how foggy things can be to a child.  They have so little experience that it is easy for them to misperceive what is happening… and of course they tend to believe what they wish to be true rather than what is likely true.  I guess it is too their credit that they cannot fathom the evil that grown men (and women) do.

The other movie is “Elysium” starring the execrable Matt Damon.  If you can believe the trailers it is nothing more than a high budget advertisement for amnesty and the social welfare state.  I know it is shocking that a man who made such a thoughtful movie about the horrors of fracking (and cheap energy that is not controlled by savages who hate us) would turn around and shill for such shallow and destructive causes in a manner that highlights his deep ignorance of the subjects at hand but there you have it.

We live in a time when tools like Damon spend all of their time advocating that more and more of what we own and earn be confiscated so that they can spend it on making socialism work… this time.  I just don’t see handing over money willingly to be further harangued by left wing propaganda.  Matty boy is the sort of guy who thinks the government should make all of our decisions for us, from what health plans we are allowed (or forced) to buy, to where our children will attend school.  Notice I said “our” not “his.”  He gets to decide where his children go to school… and it ain’t the local school system.  The rest of us schmucks can just bloody well go the hell where we are told.

One of the few decisions the government hasn’t gotten around to making for us yet is which movies we see.  I am sure this is an oversight on their part which will eventually be corrected once John Roberts finds a suitably strained synonym for the word “propaganda.”  But until then I will use my freedom to choose to pass on anything this douche bag puts out.  Given the utter dreck Hollywood pumps out these days I think their best model for attaining profitability would be to go for the universal mandatory attendance and then they could sell dispensations from having to actually, you know, attend.  In other words it would be the same model leftists use for government where they pass incredibly horrible laws and then hand out waivers based on who donates the most or has the most votes to offer.

And let’s face it.  Who wouldn’t pay to skip the upcoming hagiographies for Cankles the Cuckholded Wonder Woman that we will be inundated with before the next presidential election?

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