Previously implemented pollution controls may be largely responsible for the warming we saw up until about 15 years ago and the lack of warming since then.  The theory is that the temperatures have been rising steadily since the Little Ice Age but paused during the time when there was enough pollution in the air from industrial activities to block a significant portion of sunlight from reaching and warming the earth.  Then once pollution controls were put in place we saw a sudden rebound to the temperatures that we would have had sans those controls.  Now over the last 15 years or so temperatures are rising at the more normal rate we expected to see naturally.
This seems to fit the temperature pattern we have seen over the last century and frankly, it is as good a theory as any given how crappy the data we have is and how little understanding we have of how the climate works.  Our understanding of the climate is about where our understanding of human health was when we thought leaches were a good treatment for the vapors.  Even now both of them have to rely on finding correlations between different factors because they are no where near understanding the causation.  The mechanisms are just too complex and using a super computer just means your guesses are more precise, not more accurate.

The way you know someone is a fraud on this issue is if they say they are sure they have the answers.  Those people are not scientists.  That is why climatology is universally looked down upon by people in the hard sciences.

Interior design journalist installs glass windows around her shower in Brooklyn so that neighbors can see.  She even built it out as a cantilever so everyone could get a good angle.  I have to say she is not bad looking;

Home improvements: James G Cavoli and Julie Scelfo own the $2.1million brownstone that has just had the addition of a glass shower cubicle in full view of their neighbors' houses

But alas, journalists these days are a sad lot and none of them bothered to hang around for the show so we could see for ourselves if what she did constitutes and attractive nuisance.

Obama uses a V22 Osprey to fly his dog to important meetings.  Well, I lied about that.  It wasn’t even an important meeting.  It was a vacation.  But the millions of dollars spent are all too real.  I don’t know what is wrong with Obama’s family but if my dad or spouse were such a prick that he flew the family dog around while millions of Americans are suffering from his policies I would say something to embarrass his ass.   If they really care about the poor the least they could do is refuse to go on yet another needless, multimillion dollar excursion.  But then that would take class.

But hey, I guess we dodged the spectacle of Romney putting the dog on the roof of the plane.

Obama falls for transparent communist propaganda.  I know, it’s a shocker.  Right?  I have yet to see anything this guy understands about any subject.  He is almost as pure as a puppy in his ignorance.  I think that is most of his appeal.  Yeah, he shits on the floor, growls a lot and chews up your shoes, but he is cute so what are you going to do?  It is pretty clear he couldn’t fend for himself on the streets.

If you want to sum up the Obama years you could do worse than quoting Orwell.


1,122 record cold temps in one week.  We really should be setting record warm temps whether AGW is a big factor or not just because of the trend heading out of the Little Ice Age.  I know where I live in Knoxville this summer and the last one have been as cool as I can remember and the spring lasted much longer than usual.

Oh, and what I said about causation vs. correlation?  It bit us in the ass again and rubbed salt in the wound this time.  My theory is we worry way too much about what we eat when it is our genetics that does us in.  We are all probably prone to have some malady that is exacerbated by something in our diet.  So yeah, we will have to avoid that particular thing but we don’t need to demonize it and make everyone else scared of it.

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