Snake Strangles Two Children to Death

Two children were staying overnight at a friend’s apartment which happened to be above a pet shop.  An African Rock Python got out of its cage and traveled through a ventilation vent to the apartment.  What happened next was perfectly predictable.

Of course that didn’t keep the apologists from issuing the standard quote that attacks by exotic snakes are “extremely rare.”

Experts say attacks by exotic snakes are extremely rare.

David Rogrigue, director of Montreal’s Ecomuseum Zoo, told Agence France-Presse news agency that this attack was “difficult to believe… very, very extraordinary, and very improbable”.

Which is a bit akin to an “expert” on water professing his astonishment that people can drown in it.

I would say most of what makes these sorts of attacks rare is due solely to the fact that most people are not stupid enough to own such dangerous animals.  If you were to replace every family dog or cat with a boa constrictor tomorrow I suspect this “expert” would be in a perpetual state of befuddlement as the papers filled with reports of such attacks… to be followed by a drop in the price of snakeskin boots as these pets are “repurposed.”

Contrary to what directors of “Ecomuseums” (whatever the hell those are, sounds like what you see when you look out your window at your backyard, or what you would see were you to bother to get out of the big city where ecomuseums are most likely to exist) would have you believe, possessing a snake such as this one does not show your understanding or love of nature but is rather is a symptom of being so far removed from nature that you fail to respect it.  If you lived in an area where these snakes are native you would rightly be seen as bonkers if you were to propose taking one as a pet.  The first thing even primitive tribes do when moving into a new area is hunt the most dangerous local fauna to extinction so that the area is safe for settlement.  They certainly don’t invite the serpents into their huts for tea and let them bed down next to the offspring.

Even in a civilized setting with proper controls there is just no upside to taking such a predator as a pet.  Snakes like this are simply vanity items that the owners use to display just how bad ass they are or how “in tune” with nature they are.  These animals are not companions, they are political statements or props for people with low self-esteem.  I know it is not fashionable to be judgmental but there it is.  If you own a pet  like this that cannot provide any companionship or affection and is basically a mouth attached to an intestine then you need to seriously consider getting therapy.

People have evolved a disgust and revulsion towards snakes for a good reason.  Ignoring that instinct is not progress.  It is hard to imagine anything more horrific than finding your child strangled to death by a snake.  This is the 21st century for God’s sake!  We have put men on the moon but still we can’t figure out that snakes are dangerous and put forth experts who are baffled as to why they would try to eat our children?  All I can say is that our standard for “expertise” has not been advancing as fast as our appetite for exotic amusements — that really aren’t amusing at all.


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