Man Slays Cougar With Spear

A man in British Columbia heard screams coming from his garden and ran to help only to find a cougar mauling his common law wife.  He grabbed the nearest weapon at hand, which happened to be a spear, and stabbed the wild cat repeatedly until it limped off into the woods to die.

I am assuming such bad-assery is something this guy engages in regularly since the authorities said the spear is of a sort used to “hunt wild boar.”  Just ask King Robert how dangerous those beasts can be.

At any rate, the funniest part of the article is this quote about the cat:

an investigation is underway to find out what made it aggressive towards humans on the island.

I can tell you what made it aggressive.  Nature did when it decided to make it a cougar rather than a panda bear.  I can also tell you what made it decidedly less aggressive as well… a sharp pointy stick to its internal organs and the sight of a man with balls the size of boulders wielding it.

There is a reason that the first thing a civilized society does when starting a community is hunt the local predators to extinction.  Those reasons don’t change just because they are no longer PC and most people already live in areas cleared of dangerous beasts.  No one sees the need to clear out the wildcats when there aren’t any in their own neighborhood.  Just as they don’t see the need for low barriers of entry and low taxes when they have already made it off the bottom of the economic pile.

I hate these sorts of people who pull up the ladder after they have already made it and sneer at those left behind by telling them it is for their own good.  May they all eventually run into men with boulders for balls.

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