Government Shutdown and Optics

Now that Obama has decided to shut down the government in an effort to get his pet program funded the next battle is with the press.  Being the biased entities that they are they will try to lay all of this at the feet of the Republicans.

I have thought about this a bit and it seems the best way to handle the impasse is to emphasize that the Republicans are fully funding everything but Obamacare unconditionally and do this in a fashion that is impossible for the press to ignore.  Obama is the one predicating the rest of the funding on Obamacare being included.   Obama is holding government funding hostage to get his pet program through.  He should bear the political fallout.

The way you emphasize this in a fashion so that even the morons in the press can understand it is that when they come to a Republican representative with a list of all of the terrible things that are happening with the shutdown the rep can whip out a pen and make a list.  “Is that all, or is there something else you would like funded?”  Then funding for those things can be included in a separate bill that is sent to the Senate that same day.  Words won’t work but the optics of this approach might.  And the press would love it since they love power.  Getting to decide what is in a funding bill would send them to cloud nine since they are all wannabe dictators anyway.

We would then be treated to the spectacle of the Democrats having to repeatedly vote to not fund things which they claim are essential.  This should emphasize that they are the ones making an artificial linkage.  If you want to play hardball then you can let it be known that each time a program is funded by the House and rejected by the Senate that it will either not be funded again or only at a reduced level the next go around.  But if you think public support is iffy then you can just be patient and repeat the process as often as required with no conditional conditions.

I prefer the strategy of just not funding anything and then going back to the districts until the opposition comes around, but it is too much to hope for the Pubbies to show that much spine.  Barring that then I think the above approach has many merits.

The thing to emphasize here is that there is no need for the government to be doing any of the things funding is being withheld for (certainly not in light of our deficits) so we are already at the optimal state of affairs with the government shutdown.  We want smaller government and we have it without doing anything else.  To move off this state of affairs we need to be offered something of substance.  Something of value to us.  A delay in the government taking over 1/6th of the US economy is not enough when that delay is exactly what the Democrats want and need.  They desperately need to put the train wreck that is Obamacare off until after the next election and the optimal way to do that for them would be for it to happen in a way that the Republicans are held to blame for it by the far left lunatics who are the Dems base.  There is no upside for the Republicans in seeing this happen.  There is no upside for the American people in a delay other than a small reprieve.

So I think the strategy of going for a delay rather than a complete defunding is self-defeating.  Even just asking that Obama obey the law that he so desperately wants funded would be better because it gains you something and costs the other side something.

But for now we will celebrate just this tiniest sign of resistance to the collective.

Also, I am sure there is some nuance I am not understanding.  It would not surprise me if Obamacare funding were automatic and the House has to get the Senate to sign off on something that they are putting in the CR to defund it.  In that case what you work for is getting it delinked and emphasize we are at this impasse because one side insisted on putting such a linkage in place.  That side was not the Republican one.

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