Press Culpability for Shutdown

One aspect of the current contretemps that I haven’t seen anyone mention is the culpability the press has for encouraging the shutdown.  You might wonder how that could be when they are clearly against it, but look at it from Obama’s perspective.  He can feel confident that no matter what he does — chasing WWII veterans from the memorial erected in their honor, shutting down wide swaths of the ocean, chasing people off their own property and making them pay for the barriers put in place to keep them out — the press will cover for him.

So if Obama acts like an emperor, and an incompetent one at that, it is only because the press considers him one and refuses to do its job in holding him to account for his actions.  They worship him.  They do not check him.

The Republicans in the house have passed bills funding everything besides Abominable Care, but in a fit of pique the president decided to shut down the government until he gets funding for his pet program.  That is the fact.  There is no other way to report what is happening while being factual without acknowledging that the president is the one insisting on a linkage.  Logic allows no other possibility.  The party which is voting to fund the NHS unconditionally is obviously not responsible if the NHS ends up not being funded.  Journalists typically have IQ’s below room temperature, but they should be able to sort out at least that much despite their obvious, congenital limitations.

A president who knew he would be held accountable by the press would be less likely to engage in such shenanigans.  And thus the press bears their own share of the blame for the state we find ourselves in.  They are just so lacking in self-awareness that they do not realize it.  True Believers never question themselves or their motives.  They are always pure.  Even if what is most pure about them is their BS.


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