The Alleged Brilliance of Our President

It puzzled me a long time as to why the press is absolutely insistent on claiming Obama is brilliant and level headed when obviously he is neither.

Then I realized it was sheer racism.  Two knocks used by racists in the past were that black men were belligerent and unintelligent.  Since the left is all about signalling, they felt it their job to signal that Obama could not be either of those things… not because he isn’t (he most certainly is) but because they are not racists and anyone who could possibly think a black man could be either of those things would have to be a racist.  It is how they separate the good people from the bad ones in their own minds.  Truth never enters into it.

Yes, they really are that shallow and stupid, and they really do think like children… really dull, obstreperous ones who are proud of their intransigence and their inability to learn.  Many of you may have already figured all of this out, but I guess I wanted to believe better of the opposition.  My mistake.

If you are still laboring under the illusion that Obama has anything other than a completely ordinary, if not sub-standard intellect just take a gander at this video.  Here  Obama is trying to convince you that raising the debt ceiling does not raise the debt ceiling.  He says that allowing the government to take on more debt does not promote profligacy… umm, OK… on your planet maybe.  On planets where the rules of logic apply though you would understand that if you can’t take on more debt then you have to cut your expenses to match your income and the ruinous sort of profligacy we are experiencing now is no longer an option. That thought never enters his completely empty head.


Obama’s only true talent is being able to assert absurdities with great conviction. It takes a man of very low character and intellect to do such a thing. Obama seems to live completely in the moment, with no history or prior predicate to inform him, and no need for consistency in his views. For instance, he can get away with saying that Congress not funding his pet program is like a worker going on strike and that such a person should rightly be fired. Never mind that the unions he has done so much to support exist only because the very opposite premise is true. And never mind that refusing to fund a project is nothing at all like refusing to work on one that you are being paid to work on.  Obama’s intellect is not bothered by such inconsistencies in logic because logic is not a virtue to him. It is not something to aspire to. And the press will not criticize him for it… because that would be racist and they would never be racists… they would just hold a black president to a much lower standard than a white one.

Honesty is also not much valued by Obama. He sold Obamacare as a program where you would get to keep your insurance, your rates would go down and all those without coverage would be insured (and presumably the seas would stop rising, or whatever horseshit came to mind at the moment he was speaking). All of those things were known to be lies when he said them. Now that Congress is rightfully balking on funding a lie he throws a fit and tries to hurt the public in a completely unnecessary fashion by throwing septuagenarians out of their own memorials, and barricading people into their own businesses, while making them pay for the privilege. They didn’t build those businesses, but by God. they are going to pay for their own prisons!  These are not the actions of a person with a cool temperament.

And of course Obama’s inability to speak without the aid of a teleprompter is the stuff of legend.  As usual, The Looking Spoon has the best take.


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