Welcome to Today’s Installment of Shutdown Theater

Do you remember how some people in the administration tried to blame the deaths in Benghazi on there not being money for guards due to the sequester?  Well, the administration has now sent more guards to try to keep octagenarian veterans out of their own WWII Memorial Park than they sent to Benghazi and they are using the same excuse… no money.

The Reagan Museum is keeping its Air Force One exhibit open due to it being privately funded.  Even in death the Gipper gets the last laugh.  All of the presidential libraries are closed… which begs the question why the hell the taxpayers are funding them to begin with.  All they did was to collectively beggar us as a nation and oversee the slow dwindling of our liberties.  That is not exactly something we would wish to preserve other than as a lesson as to what not to do.   Maybe it is time to digitize it all in a searchable format and close the dead tree mausoleums down if no one will willingly fund them vs. being forced to fund them.

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