5/30/14 Roundup

Republicans on verge of deciding to throw away their political viability.  It is the Washington Compost so take it with a grain of salt.  The people who work there are all Democratic operatives with bylines as Insty likes to say so they get their jollies by publishing articles to try to sew division amongst their political enemies.

Either the Republicans repeal Obamacare or they are done as a political party.  The ratchet can’t keep turning ever more towards tyranny without any victories for those who value their liberty.  Republicans have to be able to deliver something besides more spending and bigger government.  They have to turn back the tide or they are of no use to anyone.  We will effectively have one party rule in the US with the Republican party operating as Kapos to the Democratic party.

I think the surge in arms sales we have seen is just people girding for the inevitable if things keep progressing as they are.  And it is why defense of the 2nd Amendment is so vehement, with no ground being given in any area.  It really is the last line of defense.  I don’t think leftists understand that the 2nd Amendment is the only thing standing between them and retribution.  An armed populace can afford to wait longer for them to come to their senses and stop with the violence (which is what all of their policies require)  than a disarmed one can.

On the bright side, there are pockets of rationality.  Minnesota of all places recently had an “unsession” where they repealed 1,175 obsolete laws.  That is a start.  Of course, the laws being obsolete, repealing them doesn’t really help much.  It is all of the ones which are currently enforced which are the problem.  We really need to reform our political system so that laws have to be renewed every year or else they sunset.  They also need to be voted on individually in the same manner they were passed so politicians can’t just pass them all again as an omnibus.

Completely useless app created for completely useless purpose.  It cannot possibly measure what it claims to measure and even if it did it cannot possibly do any good.  It does let leftists preen though so I guess it justifies its existence in that way… as if they needed an excuse to preen.

UW college system spends $20,000 on conference to denigrate the race and gender which built western civilization.  Because things are so rosy everywhere else…

Backwards, technologically illiterate judge, from backwards, technologically illiterate confederation of countries issues backwards, technologically illiterate ruling.  Basically a judge in Europe claims people have a right to be forgotten.  Whatever the hell that means.  It’s not like the judge bothered to spell out the limits or basis of such a right.  I guess his butt wasn’t big enough to hold both that explanation and a ruling at the same time so he could only pull one of them out of it.  But instead of forcing the source of the information the court wishes removed to remove it (thus removing it from Google which is just a data aggregator), they want Google to filter it out.  Apparently the judge didn’t want to force the local newspaper to do what he wants to force Google to do.  Now Google will be subject to endless orders from every backwater jurisdiction where a yocal can buy a judge or is cronies with the people in power.   Here is a video of the judge issuing the ruling.  Needless to say, that is not how any of this works.






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