Bits and Pieces

53 year old judge abducted by her 24 year old, boy toy, convict boyfriend.For a judge this woman seems to have very poor judgment.

Syrians destroy their own historical artifacts. I can remember not too long ago when it was considered rapacious for the west to gather up all of the Middle Eastern artifacts from places like Syria, Iraq, Egypt etc…  Now it just seems like good housekeeping to make sure everything isn’t destroyed and lost forever.

Another well reasoned and carefully bounded argument about the possible effects of global warming.  It is really hard to get these scientists to state anything forthrightly without equivocation and caveats because they respect how little they actually know about the climate.  I mean, they have only been studying it for a few decades and can’t really run any experiments on it to control for different variables.  And the damn thing is literally billions of years old with cycles that last ages.  But the best I can tell translating this highly technical jargon into language the layman can understand is that —-   WE ARE GOING TO HAVE TO EAT OUR FUCKING DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh, oh, ooooooohhhhh!!!

Cal-Berkley attempts to rejoin planet earth by staging a rapprochement with the military.  I suspect there was funding at stake.

Tampons are products of male patriarchy — says the woman who is oddly stuck to her seat.

How bad is the Obama economy?  Dracula’s castle is up for sale.  Even the undead can’t seem to stay above water these days.  What’s next?  Will Igor have to give up his bug collection?  At least the Humpback of Notre Dame will finally be able to get that cosmetic surgery he has always wanted now that his Obamacare registration has come through.  The new breasts will balance out his/her hump nicely.

Young blood may be the key to stopping aging.  Countess Bathory was unavailable for comment as she was busy placing a bid on Dracula’s castle.

Teachers in South Carolina apparently do not know how to write in cursive or use a chalkboard. Regarding the new program to once again teach cursive writing to students — “The state budget office estimates districts would have to spend a combined $25 million on instructional materials and $2.5 million on travel for teacher training.”

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