Everything is racist.

Elementary school prevented kids from performing Village People’s “YMCA” due to the offensiveness of the Indian stereotype.

Apparently being a fake Indian is bad, unless you are Elizabeth Warren and then it is the key to moving to the front of the line despite your own lack of abilities to standout in some other, more useful and significant manner.  I notice also that gay bikers, gay construction workers and gay cops were not complaining.  Why the gay Indian stereotype was the one that was picked out as being offensive is incomprehensible to a properly functioning mind.

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Mecca) says minorities will be hardest hit by global warming, climate change, manmade disasters, the weather. 

But not half as hard as they have been hit by having Obama as president.  And oddly enough, the reason is the same for both.  The poor have fewer resources to withstand any sort of hardship or disaster (thus why they are called “the poor”, duh).  So when a statist gets in power and goes about reordering the economy in his own image the poor suffer the most.  Were the weather to actually take a turn for the worse then the poor would also be hit harder than everyone else.  And the solution to both problems is to create more wealth rather than trying to redistribute or destroy what we have.

Socialism is just slavery by other means.  If you want to keep everyone on the plantation then you have to create some bugaboo t0 frighten them into thinking things would be worse without you… even though they are damn sure bad with you.  It goes without saying that when all you have left in your bag of tricks is bad weather then you are pretty much out of ammo.

But this is a natural fault in the Democrats coalition of the rich and the poor working against the middle class.  The lazy, carbon swilling upper class can afford  to buy indulgences for their religion in the form of solar cells etc…  The poor just suffer without cheap energy — and the commerce and production that comes with it.  That is what really hurts the poor rather than some fictitious bit of nonsense about how economic productivity will bring about the end of all the things.  And conflating the poor with minorities is something the left does all the time without acknowledging it.  You would think that stereotype would be as offensive as portraying an Indian wearing buckskin.  There is some truth to both but there is no rhyme or reason as to which is considered offensive.

The left is just insane.

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