Its the End of the World!!! Eleventy!

Obama says we only have two to three months to pass amnesty.

French foreign minister says world has only 500 days to stave of climate catastrophe.

Which begs the question — or what?

Maybe the two of them should get together and try to square how allowing millions of more people access to a higher standard of living with the greater energy consumption that comes along with it will help stave of climate catastrophe.  Or how, conversely, condemning millions to third world conditions in order to prevent the climate from warming at a faster rate than the zero degrees it has warmed over the last 17 years will help the plight of immigrants?

Since these things cannot be reconciled, and I would not dare to doubt the foresight or  sincerity of such august and learned men, I can only conclude we are doomed.

Party at my place!

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