Obama Attempts To Choke Out Businesses He Doesn’t Like

The Community Organizer in Chief is attempting to reorganize our communities by using the Department of Justice to go after perfectly legal industries that offend his refined sensibilities.  You might think that there would be enough protections in place to prevent this sort of thing from happening in what is supposed to be the freest country the world has yet known… but you would be wrong.

Operation Chokepoint is a DOJ effort to bully and intimidate banks into not doing business with companies that don’t sell arugula, or petty grievance erector kits, or carbon offsets or whatever the president deems socially valuable.  By doing this he hopes to choke off the financing of small businesses who have no other alternatives for their checking and funding needs.  Industries affected include erotic movies, ammo suppliers, payday loans, online lending and gun merchants amongst others.  Basically the DOJ goes into a bank and says, “nice business you have here.  It would be a shame if you were to lose it.”  Then they threaten to audit the bank within an inch of its life if they do business with any companies who are part of these industries.

You can add this to the list of impeachable offenses that Obama has, thus far, committed with impunity.  Were a Republican to use the power of government to intimidate law abiding businesses in such a moralistic and lawless way the press would never let it go… and rightfully so.  But the press likes to preen and pat itself on the back that it got our first black president elected.  They are all in with him because, to be frank, they are to a man and woman racists.  Of the people who claim they voted based on race or that race was a factor they are almost exclusively leftist and these days journalists are just the proselytizing priest class for leftism.

But just to state the obvious, electing a black man is not a milestone that shows we have moved past race.  Electing a black man based on his merits rather than his skin color and treating him like any other man who is responsible for his actions and can be held accountable would show we have moved past race.  Unfortunately, those who cover for Obama in the press have yet to shed their racist attitudes.  They think if they hold black men to the same standards as everyone else when it comes to the presidency they would never see a black man in the office — so they are willing to settle for Obama, and they protect him.  After all, what is a little tyranny if it means they can feel good about how much more enlightened they are than the rest of us who have much baser concerns such as being able to conduct our business and prosper without threat of persecution?

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