Odds and ends

Girl threatened with missing graduation over a chemistry joke.  Basically she used the chemical symbols of various elements to spell something slightly off-color (“back that ass up” – I will let you graduate from the blog if you can come up with how to do that without looking).  This is one of those things where if you are smart enough to figure out what the joke is then you are smart enough not to be offended.  I am sure the administrators motivation for punishing her was as much the fact that someone had to explain to them what the joke was as it was that the phrase used in context was all that bad.

Shop with custom made “No Guns Allowed” sign is held up.  I know, who could have seen that coming.  It seems to me that if you prevent your customers from defending themselves then you become responsible for their defense yourself.  At least if our liability laws were rational that would be the case.  I mean if you demand everyone surrender their cell phones before they enter a movie theater then you should at least take on the responsibility of calling for help if there is a fire.  You created the hazard, you clean it up.

Incompetents in the MSM finally figuring out that Obama is incompetent.  Faced with nothing but an uninterrupted string of failure from his first inauguration up until today the left is toying with the narrative that Obama is incompetent.  They more or less have to do that since otherwise they would have to admit that the largest leap the country has taken to the left in our lifetimes has ended with nothing but increased tyranny, misery and debt, exactly as predicted by Sarah Palin and everyone else with a lick of common sense.  But Obama’s incompetence is really just icing on the fail cake.  No one can make progressive economic ideas work.  They always fail, without exception, wherever and whenever they are tried.

Exercise is most effective in small bites.  To keep you from having to give any custom in the form of clicks to the New York Times the article basically states that short intense bursts of exercise for about ten minutes at a time is better at controlling blood sugar than exercising for the same aggregate amount of time at one go.  This is nice to know since I put my workout room right outside my office door.  I try to make it  a habit to do a set of something each time I walk through it.  At the very least it reminds me that I should be exercising even if I don’t have time.  I try to multitask with my exercise as well.  Sometimes I will dance in the shower (hey, I’m already singing so why not?) or do toe raises when I am brushing my teeth etc…  Another good technique is to exercise during the commercials when you are watching tv.  Being able to fast forward with the DVR has ruined this last method for me though.

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