Bergdahl May Face Desertion Charges

According to the Daily Mail.  The story does not go into detail other than to say that the US Army indicates he may still face charges and the punishment could be anything from counting his time in “captivity” as time served to full court martial.

A little more information has come out about the resources spent looking for Bergdahl.  One pilot was quoted as saying;

‘The operation to try and find Bergdahl must have cost millions. 

‘We had F-15s flying constant missions for 48 hours and had 52 planes doing search runs.There were A-10s, Apache helicopters, British Tornadoes, British Navy Harriers and German Tornadoes.

There is some dispute as to how many lives were lost looking for a guy who packed up his stuff and sent it home before reportedly sneaking out in a contractor’s vehicle and seeking out the Taliban.  Units had standing orders to drop what their assignments were and mount missions to look for Bergdahl should any information come their way so it is hard to attribute cause and effect.  Estimates have ranged from two to fourteen lives being lost in the efforts.

‘We couldn’t do our jobs because we were looking for this guy’.

Certainly there were at least opportunity costs as assets were retasked from hunting and killing the enemy to the search efforts.

Meanwhile it appears that the Army promoted Bergdahl while he was in “captivity.”  This despite the fact that Fox News is reporting he renounced his citizenship and left a de facto admission of desertion before he left.

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