Greenpeace executive commutes 250 miles to work by airplane.  When asked about it Mr Husting is quoted as saying, “the people who work in my team sometimes need to meet me in the flesh, that’s why I’ve been going to Amsterdam twice a month while my team was being restructured.”

Well yes, lots of people go to Amsterdam for meetings of an “in the flesh” nature.  They just have better character than to lecture others about how unnecessary and how bad it is to do so, and they don’t pass the hat to fund their trips.  He goes on to say that he can now switch to using a train since his kids are older and he can take half as many trips because his team is now more organized.  Which is mighty nice of him, but wouldn’t it make more sense to stop lecturing everyone else who makes similar trade-offs?  Why does he get to be the arbiter of which trips are necessary and which aren’t?  What special qualification does he have that lets him know exactly what the needs and desires are of every person on the planet better than they know themselves?  Why are his kids more precious than mine?  And what is the magic number for his kid’s age that makes it OK for him to go by train now?  They are presumably only one half month older than the occasion of his last trip… I believe that is a mere two weeks even using the metric system.  Are we to believe that this milestone just happens to coincide with his travel habits being publicly scrutinized?

People say a lot of silly things to rationalize their choices because they feel compelled to explain or justify themselves.  Would that we could live in a time when “because I choose to” would suffice as an explanation.  But alas, Greenpeace will not let us live in such a state of bliss and simple decency.

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