Judges uphold judicial immunity.  It is nearly impossible to sue a judge.  I take this as an admission that our courts are so screwed up even the judges do not wish to be subject to them.

That pretty much says all you need to know about what they think of your prospects for receiving justice in their court rooms.  You know the food is bad when even the cooks refuse to eat there.

CA Bill Demands Verbal or Written Consent for Sex on College Campuses.  This is of course pandering by leftist politicians in CA to try to fuel the war on women narrative.  I am wondering how they envision this working?  Would you have to gain permission for each act?  Would you need to make a recording of everything to have a record of who said what (I said EAR not REAR!)  Could you plan ahead and have a contract at the ready?  Perhaps we should assign a lawyer to observe and make sure the rules are followed, or perhaps we could create a government agency similar to OSHA to perform that function.  Most bureaucrats spend a lot of their time at work watching porn anyway.  We might as well get some return on our investment.


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