Cable Provider Channel Comparison Chart

Recently I had cause to search for a new cable television provider.  I noticed there were no charts where you could compare the channels offered in each package by the cable and satellite companies so I made one for my own use.  It is far from perfect but hopefully it will be of use to someone.  I have found little comparison charts like this are hard to find as there is little incentive for businesses to highlight their competitor’s offerings.

I did not bother putting this in the interactive table software I have for the blog since it is not powerful enough to be useful with this many channel and package options.  If there is enough interest I can add an Excel spreadsheet, or perhaps purchase better software to make a fully interactive chart.  If I can sign on as an affiliate to one of the cable providers I will look into whether it is financially feasible to making something that is interactive.


BTW, if you live in the Southeast you should know that the SEC Channel will soon be available on many provider networks.  It wasn’t included on the websites yet when I made these charts and, at any rate, cable companies seem to change channel lineups often.

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