FEC Attempts to Limit First Amendment Rights of Conservatives

The left uses books as a dodge around campaign contribution limits and has done so for a long, long time.  They print a book no one wants to buy, then the non-profits, PACs, unions etc… buy up tons of them, ostensibly for educational purposes.  Then either the candidate or his campaign reaps the windfall.

Hillary’s speaking fees are the same sort of dodge.  She doesn’t say anything that is worth paying a few hundred thousand to hear, but it is a way to funnel money to her and get on her good side for when she is in a position to hand out favors in return.  The people sitting on the FEC board know all of this, but only take exception when they think someone on the right may benefit from the same arrangement.  Normally books receive a general media exemption due to First Amendment concerns but in the case of Paul Ryan’s new book;

Democrats rejected that and pushed for a different, commercial, exemption that imposes rules over the publisher’s politics and book pricing. Republicans went along and the commission approved that 6-0.

The Republicans pushed for the broad media exemption but the Democrats would not go along so they took what they could get.  It should be noted that the name of the fascist, Democratic Commissioner behind all of this is Ellen L. Weintraub.  In the end the board was even so petty as to say that Ryan can only promote the book with two sentences on his web sites.  I don’t know how they arrived at decision.  How would three sentences be too many?  What if they were really long sentences?  What if they used a big font and filled the page?  What are they even attempting to achieve by doing something so petty?

The only conclusion is that they want to limit the dissemination of the ideas in the book.  I don’t doubt that this limitation would be struck down if it were ever contested, but that would be a lengthy and expensive process.  Just as the Tea Party groups still have not seen justice several years after their illegal persecution, you could expect that a case like this would drag out and by the time it is settled the Democrats on the commission will have moved onto committing other crimes against the Constitution in other positions within the government.  They know this and take full advantage of it.  So we take our lousy scraps consisting of two sentences and live with it.  This is how tyranny works.  The East Germans had a wonderful constitution which guaranteed all sorts of rights.  But it was understood that the bureaucracy was not to allow people the exercise of those rights.  The Democratic commissioners of the FEC board have the same understanding of what their role is and at least one Republican commissioner called them out for it.

Goodman and the two other Republicans on the commission issued a six-page critique of the commission’s vote on the Ryan book that slapped the constraints imposed on the publisher and on how Ryan’s re-election campaign and leadership political action committee, Prosperity Action, can promote the book on websites.

Since becoming chairman, Goodman has been pushing to expand protections for all media and has noted how Democrats on the panel have been eager to nick at freedoms for conservative media while Republicans have been voting for broader protections even for liberals like Democratic financier George Soros.

This is all of a piece with that the IRS did to the Tea Party groups.  When you have as many regulations as we do now you can always find one to use as an excuse to delay and deny the rights of those in the opposition.  The only way to fix this is to clear away the regulations which don’t really do anything but put bureaucrats in position to be gatekeepers.  I can think of no group more loathsome to be given that much power.

Simply put, leftists should not be put in charge of any regulatory agency for the same reason that Roman Polansky shouldn’t be allowed to run an orphanage for wayward girls.  The potential, and likelihood of abuse is just too great.

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