It’s Not Dead Yet, Jim.

And like the villain in a really bad horror movie the ACA spasms itself back into life with another circuit court, this time the 5th Circuit ruling the opposite of what the DC Circuit just ruled and saying that it really doesn’t matter what the law actually says on paper… we are entitled to free stuff anyway.  That was about as deep as their legal analysis went.  They pretended to take a gestalt approach where they looked at the law as a whole and tried to divine what the people who voted for it, who admitted they didn’t know what was in it, would have wanted it to say had it said something other than what it says, and had they bothered to read it before they voted on it.  You see, all of that make believe and ignorance, and wish fulfillment trumps the actual text of the law because…. tyranny.  God forbid a citizen could actually look at the text of something and know what is required of them.  That would be madness… just madness… if people couldn’t be brought to heel in whatever way the government feels would be most entertaining.

Yes, they really do have that much contempt for our intelligence.  We are supposed to buy the fiction that the state exchanges were optional even though they were put in for the reason of obtaining a budget score and pushing the costs onto the states.  They were also meant to build support for the law by making citizens beg for relief from the draconian costs imposed that they would not be able to receive if the states did not play ball.  This wasn’t a drafting error and they can’t point to original intent when the people who voted for it didn’t even understand it or bother learning what they were voting on.  Their intent was to get fat and happy at our expense and buy votes.  That is ALWAYS their intent with every law they pass these days.

The fact is that complex laws like this are put together by a few people who are essentially criminal conspirators who get in a back room and cut deals with one another.  Then they pass them along to our legislators who don’t understand what they are being asked to vote upon and who are too lazy or partisan to bother learning.  The whole thing is a raft of lies.  And they can do all of this safe in the knowledge that the courts will back them up and try to keep them from having to deal with the consequences of their actions.

Now the cases will proceed to en banc hearing where Obama appointees will rule as they were hired to rule… to advance the cause of government at the expense of the people.

At least the poor techie destroying all of the hard drives at the IRS with all of the information as to who received subsidies will catch a break.

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