More Miracles Occur Under Obama

As if we needed any more confirmation that Obama is indeed The One we now have new miracles to lay at his feet.

The Halbig case is where the ACA is being challenged on the basis that there is no provision in it for policies bought on the federal exchange to receive subsidies.

One of the key mechanisms in the act was a bit of extortion whereby if the states refused to set up their own exchanges then they would not be eligible for federal subsidies which shift the increased costs of this debacle onto others — note that I don’t say lower the costs because subsidies do nothing of the sort.  They just make people feel something costs less when in actuality others are being forced to buy it for them.  They are a type of fraud perpetrated in the economy to make it act in ways which do not make sense and to hide the true costs of things.

Since the text of the law is not in doubt on this point the left has taken to lying about the intent of the law with Johnathan Gruber, one of its chief architects saying, he merely committed a “speako” — the verbal equivalent of a typo — when he was caught saying that the purpose of not providing subsidies was to force states to set up their own exchanges.  Now we are supposed to believe that his “speako” matches exactly the “typo” that was in the text of the act rather than believing the text or the words and writing of those involved in crafting the legislation.  I would imagine the chances of that are very low, say somewhere on the order of around a dozen hard drives all failing in unison at precisely the moment when their owners find themselves under investigation.  But such is the miraculous nature of the Obama administration…PBUH — Progressivism Be Upon Him.

That being the case, I would like to submit this as another miracle that has occurred under Obama and use it as evidence of his progressive sainthood.  I think I should start keeping a running total of these occurrences.  If anyone would like to help me compile this list I am now taking submissions.

So far we have:

Hard drives failing at the exact moment of extremis experienced by holy warriors in the progressive cause.

Words changing their own meaning as we saw when Roberts transubstantiated mandates into taxes.

ACA drafters speaking in tongues whereby they repeat the same “error” as in the text of the laws they helped craft when they meant to say something exactly the opposite of what they said.


All of these things are so unlikely that the only explanation I can think of is the intervention of some greater power.  I think that power consists of contempt for the intelligence of the US citizenry and a reliance upon the credulousness of leftists, but who am I to criticize the tenets of another man’s religion?

Oh, and I am ready to bet that it would take yet another miracle for there not to be other tapes and writings out there showing that the intent was indeed to only offer subsidies through the state exchanges.  Gruber will likely regret beclowning himself in such a fantastic fashion by coining the word “speako” in what is inevitably a losing cause.  The judges may craft an “out” for Obamacare on this challenge, but they will have to render themselves illegitimate to do so.  Simply put, there is no way the government can have both Obamacare and its own legitimacy.  They chose poorly the last time around and have reaped the results.  Let’s hope saner minds prevail now that the court is being a given a second bite at the apple.


And I was right… already more quotes are out where Gruber says what he says he only said because he misspoke.  The poor man must have some sort of affliction where he cannot control his speech.  And other quotes are coming out where legislators said the same thing.  Go to Ace’s for links to the quotes.  But really, you won’t have trouble finding them no matter where you look.  It was well known and well discussed at the time that the subsidies were just for the state exchanges.

It used to be that the left could use a transparent dodge like this to give cover to the partisan judges who want to see their cause advanced.  Now with the internet they can still do it, but it will be obvious and they will look rather ridiculous and absurd in the attempt.

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