Obamacare Subsidies Ruled Illegal

The law allowed for the people who received their insurance through state exchanges to receive subsidies on their plans.  Many states did not go along because they aren’t idiotic enclaves full of people demanding free stuff.  So the feds stepped in and created a federal exchange and provided subsidies without having the power to do so.  It was one of the many parts of the “law” that Obama made up as he went along because he has a “pen and a phone.”    It is all just a game of rock, paper, scissors, pen, phone, tar, feathers to him.

It will be interesting to see how this is handled.  Clearly Obamacare will not survive without the subsidies since it drove the cost of insurance sky high.  But the pressure will be intense to “do something” to fix it so that people who bought insurance in good faith thinking they would be subsidized will not be punished… which opens up the whole can of worms all over again.  In the interim Obama has already announced that he will ignore the ruling because…. tyranny.

About the only thing we can say with any surety is that somewhere in the basement of the IRS a low level fall guy is feverishly destroying all of the hard drives containing records of who received subsidies.

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