Morality by Consensus – Confronting ISIS

Via the AP by way of the Ace of Spades.

Pope Francis on Monday endorsed the use of force to stop Islamic militants from attacking religious minorities in Iraq but said the international community — and not just one country — should decide how to intervene.

It is nice the Pope thinks evil should be stopped… by committee.

He seems to think that having a consensus on what should be done somehow gives it legitimacy which is a really, really strange attitude for a religious leader to have.  An action is either moral or it is not.  It matters bugger all whether there are 90 nations behind it or one.  I think that the attitude he evinces is just a handy way for him to avoid saying what course he endorses, what actions he endorses.  It allows him to cheer for ISIS to be stopped while also allowing him to decry the inevitable civilian deaths or excesses.  And if things end badly he is not to blame.  There will be lots of countries he can point at.

As much as I admire him for calling for action when it would be easy to stay on the sideline I am not sure he is really helping in how he is going about it.

This is a job for hard men who see clearly and are resolute.  It is not one for soft men who doubt or equivocate.  It is a job for brutal and efficient men.  Not for gentle ones who wonder where to put victory on the list of priorities. We need such men — but they are too dull a tool for this job.

The truth of the matter is that one or a few countries will do the dying and expend the treasure needed to save the people being butchered in Iraq.  Inviting others without strategic interests or assets to the table just increases the expenditure of both blood and treasure and increases the likelihood of failure.  The war will be as just as the cause is just regardless of if it is one, or one hundred countries who answer the call.

I think this is also a veiled shot at the US even though it formed a coalition for the last conflict in Iraq.  I guess he could be talking about Iran since they are apparently about to send troops but somehow I doubt it.

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