Progressive Blood Libels

If there has ever been a more transparent and ridiculous libel than the one against the Tea Party as being racist or extremist I haven’t seen it in my lifetime.  Yet the charge is repeated over and over again as if it is fact.

The most recent example comes from Rob Reiner, better known as Meathead to many people.  It seems he wasn’t just playing a character when he assumed that appellation.  In a recent interview with Larry King he stated that extremist groups like Hamas or the Tea Party can’t be negotiated with and have to be “eliminated.”  While he is certainly right about Hamas he seems to be completely oblivious to the fact that all of Hamas’ support in the west comes from his fellow leftists.  The Tea Party does not have a foreign policy, but it is safe to say that backing Hamas would not be something anyone in that movement would support.  Why the Tea Party, whose only issues are ones of fiscal sobriety and promulgating liberty would be equated with a tyrannical death cult is something which no one on the left has ever bothered explaining, yet they do it over and over again.  And worse, they go unchallenged because everyone in the media shares the same bias, bigotry and hatred.

And just who is it that supports centralizing power in the hands of a few so as to make entities like Hamas that much more likely to be able to seize power?  It is not the Tea Party.  Who looks at people and sees only their tribe or race?  It is not the Tea Party.  It is hard to think of a more absurd lie that could be told about a group of people without thinking of the blood libels that are commonly used against Jews in the Middle East.

These sorts of lies are common for leftists because their creed cannot survive contact with reality.  They have to create enemies who do not exist just as Obama builds a straw-man in answer to any question he is asked and then proceeds to tear it down.  Well, that is just lovely, but it hardly pertains to anything in reality.  Calling those who are prudent and forward looking racists does not balance the budget or make Social Security solvent.  The world is in flames and racial tensions have done nothing but rise under Obama’s leadership but somehow all of that is the fault of people who wish to see the budget balanced or who wish to rein in the ability of the government to compel and conscript us for its own purposes— yeah right.

But the same lie is told over and over again without anyone bothering to cite a basis for it.  Just today the in-house newsletter for those who have lost contact with reality that is the New York Times weighed in as to how the Tea Party has now moved to clothe it racism in nativism when it comes to the border debate.

You see, all of that cheap labor that is going to come in over the border and that is already here is going to cut the lawns and do the dishes of all of the minorities who are jobless and hopeless…  What?  Oh, sorry.  No, they are going to do that for the effete liberals and establishment Republicans who sure don’t want dangerous black males performing those jobs for them.  What the immigrants are going to do for African Americans is compete for the few jobs that there are. You see, apparently according to the stinking pile of tendentious and asinine rubbish that is the New York Times if you were to oppose opening the borders or enforcing immigration law your only possible motivation could be that you hate minorities.  All of the right people just know that the way you show how non-racist you are is to make sure the little blighters are trapped in an endless cycle of poverty and dependency forever and ever.  Sure they want to help black people — as long as they stay over there.

So I think that is the argument the right should make because it is pithy, effective and most of all, true.  The elites prefer to have Mexican help rather than African American help.

The left has an advantage because their foot soldiers are mindless drones who will accept any lie they are told to swallow.  Just like we saw with Reiner, they have no compunction about saying the most wicked and ridiculous things anyone can think of if it will advance their cause.  And they repeat it so often that it permeates every aspect of the culture.  Just look at what was done to Palin.  You can’t read a comment section anywhere without some lefty rubbishing her but none of them, not a single one, can provide an example of why she should be so despised.  When pressed they will point to a Saturday Night Live skit or something that was said on the Daily Show.  They were told to hate and they hate, mindlessly and without question.  That sounds a lot more like Hamas than it does the Tea Party.

It has even gotten to the point where games are being created with a completely peaceful and persecuted Tea Party movement being cast as the villains.  The new Battlefield Hardline takes a swipe at what can only be seen as the left’s completely deluded idea of what the Tea Party is.  There are lines about how the first black American president was too much for the racist nativists to bear and of course the game designers use the Gadsden flag to make sure you get the message.  They couldn’t use Nazis skinhead imagery.  They couldn’t pick a villain from a movement that hasn’t been completely peaceful.  They had to pick the Tea Party because as we all know liberty is just a code word for racism.  Minorities don’t need liberty.  What would they do with it?  They need handouts and lots of them.  At least that is what the people who don’t think they are racists would have the people who really aren’t racists believe.

If they wanted a racially motivated story line, with real groups who commit real violence they could have picked the drug gangs like MS13 who are sneaking across the border and preying on people of all races.  They could have picked La Raza whose very name is racist and whose charter calls for retaking large parts of the US for their race.  They could have picked Hamas for a death worshiping cult of terrorists.  Or they could have even picked OWS which had some of the same goals (sans the economic literacy, morals and basic human decency) of the Tea Party but which actually did, you know, cause a wave of violence and vandalism while calling for the violent overthrow of the current order.

But instead, the completely amoral and historically illiterate game designers picked a persecuted and oppressed movement like the Tea Party which was denied even the right to participate in the last round of elections (in a completely illegal fashion) and they gave to them the flag that stood at the front of a revolution that ushered in the most prosperous and freest country the world has ever known.  Way to frickin’ go guys!  Who needs history when you have agitprop!

They do these things because the are both ignorant and hateful.  And it has to stop.  The only way that will happen is to call them on it and to make them answer for it every time they commit these libels.  Totalitarian ideologues, which is what leftists are despite their preening, will repeat these libels as long as they are effective or go unchallenged.  We can’t let the left do to ordinary people who are economically literate and who understand the Constitution what has been done to Jews in Europe or the Middle East.  Cries of racism are the new blood libel and we will look back on these times in consternation that something so stupid could have had so much traction with so many.

Oh, and there is one other reason they do this.  They know that despite what they say, classic liberals like the Tea Party are the LEAST likely group to make them answer for their calumny through violence.  Every single other group out there has thrown down the violence marker in one way or another.  Which makes it all the more cynical and disgusting.





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