Teamsters Behaving Badly

Recently the Teamster’s Union tried to get the show Top Chef to use union labor for its shoot in Boston by calmly reasoning with the production manager, and the star Padma Lakshmi.  One of the arguments they used was;

We’re gonna bash that pretty face in, you fucking whore!

Oddly enough, that did not convince her of the righteousness of their cause so they redoubled their efforts to make their case in a way that might better appeal to her.

They were yelling, ‘You bitch! You slut! We’re gonna get you!’ It went on like that all day.

Despite the lofty oratory and immaculate craftsmanship of their logic they still inexplicably failed to rally people to their side so they turned to their most effective argument.

A group of them slashed the tires on 14 different cars owned by the crew.

All of this was in addition to continual harassment and death threats.

For most of my life, including into adulthood, I didn’t even know what a Teamster was.  This was a result of having grown up in a more civilized part of the country.  Judging by news reports my best guess would have been they were hired thugs.  Having now grown older and wiser, that is still my best guess.  If they provide any other service I have never heard tell of it.

The interesting part about this is how accepted all of the violence and intimidation is.  Were Tea Partiers to rally in this manner and abuse people trying to do their jobs it would be on the news 24/7.  But no one on the right acts this way.  If they see someone acting this way they help stop it.  The left does not.  Yet all the press does is vilify conservatives as dangerous and violent.  This double standard is very injurious.  We see the same dynamic at work in Israel where they are held to a much higher standard than the barbarians who besiege them.

I think a lot of the willingness of the left to embrace violence emanates from two sources.  One is that their philosophy of economics, and government in general, is a violent one.  Simply put, they call for force to be used to “solve” every problem, which is to say they call on government.  The second source is the self-entitlement that is the inevitable result of rewarding people for advocating violence.  When groups see that they can enrich themselves through using the government to rob, coerce and extort others it is only natural that they would use the same techniques in other areas outside of government.  Teamsters are the foot soldiers of the left because they most fully embody its underlying assumptions.

But it also strikes me how backwards and uncivilized parts of the country are.  I live in the South and I am quite sure if you added up every racist and homophobic utterance I have heard used in anger it would not equal that which the Teamsters managed to generate in a single protest.  Yet the press would have you think the South is just one step away from opening new slave plantations.

It is beyond tiresome to hear the same slanders and libels over and over again when they are so absurd on their face.

But to show the depth of the problem the crew member who heard the Teamsters taking after Padma and the staff had this to say;

Reality TV is cost efficient and easier to produce than scripted or more cinematic television. As a result, everyone suffers. To save money, reality TV workers are hired for lower than standard rates because the production companies and networks refuse to embrace unions or hire union workers. Along with that comes a lack of experience, professionalism and integrity.

He just witnessed the sort of “professionalism and integrity” that comes with a union label yet he is so brainwashed that he still shills for the unions.  I am sure he has a certain one in mind other than the Teamsters, but he can’t question his dogma even when confronted with incontrovertible proof that it does not always hold.  The result is that he just ends up spouting self-refuting absurdities.  This is the sort of mentality that is simply blind to the truth.  No argument, no life experience will ever be able to alter it because the incentives are such that he thinks he can profit by saying it.  He knows if he can work as a union member he can get paid more than he is worth based on what he produces.  He would get the threat and intimidation premium.  And leftism does not provide him a moral base from which he can say that profiting from such actions would be wrong.  It is what he votes for in every election.  How could it be wrong when so many people vote just like he does?
To paraphrase a much better man than myself, countries are only as free as their people are virtuous.  Liberty and a respect for the rights of others has always been a radical notion because it is so at odds with the baser instincts of the human animal.

Updated to add that both HotAir and Hogewash have additional takes on this story.

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