The Dark Ages

The Dark Ages maybe be coming our way again as soon as this winter.

In Belgium someone sabotaged a nuclear power plant for reasons unknown leaving the country well short of what it will need to make it through the winter.

Energy experts have raised the spectre of possible blackouts this winter and say Belgium will have to boost interconnection capacity with neighbouring countries to prevent power shortages.

Meanwhile closer to home, the president is sabotaging our own energy production through restrictive new EPA regulations.

In order to comply with the new Obama era EPA regs, American Electric Power, which supplies a major portion of the electricity used on the east coast, will be closing almost one quarter of their coal fired plants between now and next June. This is because they were economically unable to come into compliance with the new regulations in the impossibly short window of opportunity offered by the EPA.

We came very close to having massive blackouts in the Northeast last winter due to the massive demand for energy caused by the severe cold.  This winter is predicted to be similarly cold.

The difference between these two episodes?  There is a chance the saboteur will be arrested in Belgium.

The president’s plan appears to be to save us from sweltering to death in the summer due to the theoretical threat of global warming by freezing us all to death in the winter from the actual threat of winter — which has been known to come fairly regularly.  Maybe he thinks Al Gore was right and winter already is nonexistent?

I guess it is also worth adding that when Putin threatens to cut off the energy supplies to Western Europe it is considered extortion and perhaps just short of an act of war.  When our own president does it to us it is no different.  Luckily, the major effects will be felt in the Northeast which voted for Obama so it is a rare instance of people experiencing the effects of their own political decisions instead of foisting them onto others.  We will have to wait and see if they are capable of learning.

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