Travel Advisory Issued for New Jersey

It is common for warnings to be issued to travelers who are going to places where human rights and the rule of law are not respected.  Normally these are third world countries or dictatorships, but it is starting to look like New Jersey might have to be added to the list.

Recently a nurse was arrested for the crime of not understanding that her human rights were forfeit upon crossing the border into New Jersey.  She had obtained a permit for a gun in Pennsylvania after being a victim of crime herself.  She is a single mom who was stopped for some traffic offense in New Jersey and dutifully informed the officer who stopped her that she had a gun in the car.  He then of course exercised extremely poor judgment and arrested her for possession of a firearm because the permit from her state is not honored in New Jersey.  Apparently full faith and credit does not apply to rights explicitly mentioned in the Constitution.

Normally something like that would go to pretrial diversion.  They even send people who have beaten their wives half to death to pretrial diversion, but apparently for some sick and twisted reason they want to make an example of this woman.  Instead they will make her a martyr and people will learn the lesson that New Jersey is a third world hellhole that you enter only at your own risk.  Any decent person looking at that story can only be both repelled and appalled at the behavior of the authorities there.  As is so common these days, I think most of us would feel safer if the prosecutor and judge were behind bars rather than this nurse.  She certainly poses much less of a threat to anyone than they do.  The fact that Governor Christie allows this sort of thing to go on in his state without even bothering to remark upon it makes him unfit for either higher office or the one he currently holds.

Apparently there is a hysterical atmosphere in New Jersey now that makes these sorts of abuses possible.    The Six Flags there recently chased a veteran away for wearing a shirt that said “Keep Calm – Return Fire” with the marine recon logo on the back.  How this could be seen as offensive is not something a rational person would be able to figure out.

Reading the comments on the article it is shocking how many of them are elitist in nature.  People are mocking his choice of clothing, calling his shirt a “wife beater” or deriding his message as primitive.  They are perfectly fine with him shedding his blood for them, but they don’t want to lower themselves to going to the same amusement park with someone who actually fired back at the bad guys.  That would be beyond the pale.

But let’s take Six flags at its word that the message on the shirt was inappropriate for children.  What is the only logical conclusion we can draw from this?  It is now Six Flags official policy that children should not be taught to fight back.  They should just be targets.  Instead of keeping calm and trying to take some action they should be hysterical an accept their fate.  I don’t think this is the message they intended to send, but it is the only one that can be drawn from this affair because they censored what was on the guy’s shirt based on its content.

The left has exhausted all of its arguments and been defeated on the gun control issue.  So they do what they always do and set about trying to control the culture to make another run at getting the tyranny they are proposing through the next time.  Part of that is making it impossible for people to express an opposing viewpoint without being hounded out of the public square.

“YOUR view is not suitable for kids.  They MUST be prevented from seeing it.  OURS is the only acceptable one.  A pacifist shirt is fine.  One imploring people to not stand passively by while their neighbor’s head is chopped off is disgusting. Oh, we aren’t denying you your rights.  You can think what you like but you can’t come here if you do.  You can say what you like but you just can’t say it here.  You can wear what you want, but not here.  We will control the culture.”

It is silly.  It is evil.  It is quintessentially leftist and it leaves a trail of victims in its wake while assuring that we won’t even have the means or wherewithal to confront those who create the victims in the future because we will have been taught to panic and submit rather than keep calm and fire back.

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