This Calls for Missionary Work to Educate the Heathens

Just HALF of women can locate the vagina on a diagram of the female reproductive system

This is the result of a study conducted in Great Britain.  Don’t click the link if you wish to remain ignorant of what a vagina is because there is a cartoon diagram of one with pointy arrows and everything.  In my experience, it is not exactly drawn in what one would call a realistic style, though I admit my experience is limited in this regard.  I imagine if Jessica Rabbit had a vagina it would look something like the diagram they provide.

Men, I know this will entail great sacrifice on your part, but I think we need to form up an expeditionary force and see if we can help enlighten these ladies.

Hat tip to Insty where I found the link to the Daily Mail article.

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  1. Voluble says:

    Who knew the pesky things were so hard to coax out of the bushes?

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