Megan McArdle has a Health Care Plan for You

Everyone wants to play king and dictate a plan for how the government should meddle in our affairs so the fact that Megan McArdle also has a plan to reform the health insurance industry is hardly a surprise and is of little interest.

What I did find interesting though is this quote about how not all problems have a better solution than the status quo:

This is not sound policy thinking. As I am fond of saying, “The existence of a problem does not therefore imply the existence of a solution.” It is not inevitably true that there is some policy solution that would be better than the status quo, even if we really dislike the status quo. . . .

We could have spent the last four years fighting over something else progressives wanted, such as serious action on climate change.(Which is something I want, too, and no, for reasons I will explain shortly, the latest China deal doesn’t count.)

In fairness, she did not put those two paragraphs directly together but you can see the quality and consistency of thought she put into this.  So to sum up she thinks that some problems are not within the power of our government to do much to change, but then turns around and says she thinks the government should do more to control the weather.

That is a special sort of special right there.  Oh, I understand that climate has a different definition than weather, but you can hardly control one without controlling the other since climate is just the aggregate of weather.

Despite all of that, her healthcare idea is still better than Obama’s and you can read about it here.

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