Obama Sets Loose His Inner Sociopath Over Immigration

As he gets ready to violate his oath of office yet again by granting amnesty to millions of people who have broken our laws — based on no authority outside of his own whims — President Obama took a moment to poke at those who think it might be better if he were to constrain his actions to those allowed under the Constitution.

There is a very simple solution to this perception that somehow I’m exercising too much executive authority: pass a bill I can sign on this issue,” Obama said at a press conference in Brisbane, Australia, where he was attending a G-20 summit, according to ABC News.

Since the supine, partisan simpletons who make up our press corps seem unable to find anything wrong enough with this formulation to call the president out for it I thought I would apply the same reasoning in other areas.

There is a very simple solution to keep me from taking all of your stuff, just give it to me.

There is a very simple solution to keep me from making you my slave, just do everything I say.

Why, if we accept this as a legitimate argument then we can justify literally anything.  Just put those same words in the mouth of a rapist for instance.  If you give him what he wants, the way he wants it, he won’t have to take it.  This is the language of an abuser.  Wife beaters and rapists use it all the time.  They are never responsible for their actions.  Someone else always makes them do the vile things they do.  They don’t want to do it you see, their victims makes them do it.  If only they had not been unreasonable and had agreed…

This is the sociopathic way Obama looks at us.  We are impediments, just things to be manipulated.  We are withholding what is rightfully his as determined by his wants and desires.  We have free will only to the extent our will bends to his.  It never occurs to the preening jackass that maybe we want exactly the opposite of what he wants.  Maybe we want rule of law.  Maybe we want to have a society where the citizens have shared values and a shared culture.  Perhaps we do not want to reward people for lawlessness.  Maybe we do not think it is fair to import a new electorate just because the president is disappointed with the old one.  Maybe we think many current citizens are in bad enough shape economically that they do not need millions of new low wage workers competing for the few jobs we are still allowed to create in the US.  Maybe we think that if prospective new citizens are OK with the president abusing his powers on their behalf then they aren’t fit to be citizens in a country like the US.  Maybe we think there are better candidates to be found amongst those who have not flouted our laws.

But what is all of this against that which Obama wants.

And the press just laps it all up like it is normal for a human being to talk or act that way when they would never accept it in other contexts or if it was their political party which was on the receiving end of such an ultimatum.

But this attitude is anything but normal.  It is an attitude which is dangerous to allow in a codes enforcer, let alone the president of the most powerful nation the world has ever known.  No where in the way Obama acts and interacts is there any acknowledgment that other people are anything more than vending machines which he has to manipulate in some way to get what he wants… some combination of button presses, or tilting, or coinage, or jimmying.  Some combination of lying, or agitprop, or threatening, or hiding and Grubering.  Never is there any consideration of what others believe — or of what is legally or morally correct.  No one has moral agency but Obama.

Psychiatrists have a word for such people.

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