Veterans Day

This is the day when we honor all of our veterans for their service.  It is important to remember that our veterans are worthy of honor for the ideals they uphold rather than the country they represent.  Their personal bravery and sacrifice is undoubted, but it is the cause in which they are employed that makes those traits worthy of admiration.

The left thinks we all look at Veteran’s Day as a jingoistic or nationalistic exercise.  They do not understand that we would not honor our veterans were they in service of lesser principles than freedom and liberty, nor should we.  Countries can often go off onto the wrong path.  We have seen it many times in history.

So to honor our veterans the best thing we can do is to keep our country honorable by upholding the ideals of independence and liberty that they fought to preserve.  Do not create a country that a decent person would be conflicted to fight for or one that seeks to do evil in the world.  That is our part, and if we did it as well as the veterans have done theirs on foreign battlefields we would be in much better shape today than we are.

So to honor our shared ideals I will post a few pictures of what heroes look like.  They are all veterans of the war against tyranny of various sorts and we owe them much for their sacrifices.  Well, that is not quite correct.  We don’t owe them much.  We owe them all.



Seal Team Six member who went on Bin Laden raid.



Kurdish woman who reportedly killed over 100 ISIS terrorists.  This is what a feminist REALLY looks like.



The son of Nathan Cirillo attending the funeral of his father who lost his life in the terror attacks on the Canadian parliament.


george washington

And of course our very first veteran who kept the Continental Army together through difficult and trying circumstances.  Without him nearly everything we take for granted simply would not be.

This is also probably a good time to link to the project that we covered previously where the English have planted thousands of red, ceramic poppies around the Tower of London to honor their warriors who fell in WWI.  They have made a lot of progress and the photos are absolutely stunning.

The English newspapers do many things much better than ours.  You will not find this many pictures of this quality in our online newspapers, and of course they cover events in the US from a much less biased perspective than our own press.   If you want to know what is happening in the US you have to foreign newspapers, blogs or the comment sections of the mainstream media.  You can pretty much skip the articles.

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