You Can Check In But You Can Never Leave

Two guests who stayed at Blackpool’s Broadway Hotel had a nasty surprise on their bill.  The hotel charged them 100 pounds for leaving a bad review on Trip Advisor.  Management claims that the terms and conditions of the agreement for renting a room has a “no bad review policy.”    Apparently what happens at Blackpool’s Broadway Hotel stays at Blackpool’s Broadway Hotel… along with your money and your right to free expression.

Somehow I don’t think that fee is going to cover the damage from the bad publicity of people an entire world away (such as myself) knowing that the Blackpool Broadway Hotel is a “rotten stinking hovel.”  They probably couldn’t afford to buy a commercial to advertise the fact that they are a “run by muppets” any more widely than they have by their actions here.  Here is a link to the whole review.  Judging by the rest of the reviews I would guess it is fairly accurate.  Someone else seems to have stayed in the same room since they also mentioned the front coming off the dresser drawers.

The couple who were “fined’ are appealing to various regulatory authorities and have approached their credit card company for a refund.  If I were the credit card company I would issue the refund and advise the hotel that their privilege to accept payments via credit card is being revoked while the policy is in effect.  Of course, who knows what the law allows in Great Britain.

But for the time being I guess patrons of the rotten, stinking, muppet ridden Broadway Hotel can only respond when asked about their stay there, “I would love to tell you but I am under a gag order.”

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