Justified Returns Tonight

Just a reminder that the best show on television, Justified returns at 10:00pm tonight on FX.

I remember when the show first came out we had fun guessing whose accents were real and whose were fake.  I think I got them all except for one of the actresses from Texas who fooled me since the accent there is just enough different from the rest of the South to stand out.  In a  way I was correct since her accent would not be an indigenous one to where the show was set.  Art’s was a little difficult too since it is more of a southern city accent than a country one but I managed to get it.

If you want to play along I will list some of the actors and then put where they are from below the fold so you can see how good your ear is.

Timothy Olyphant

Timothy Oliphant – Raylan Givens

Joelle Carter

Joelle Carter – Ava Crowder

Nick Searcy

Nick Searcy – Art Mullins

Walton Goggins

Walter Goggins – Boyd Crowder

Jacob Pitts

Jacob Pitts – Tim Gutterson

Natalie Zea

Natalie – Winona Hawkins

Damon Herriman

Dewey Crowe – Damon Herriman

Jeremy Davies

Jeremy Davies – Dickie Bennett

Michael Rapaport

Michael Rappaport – Daryl Crowe Jr

Alicia Witt

Alicia Witt – Wendy Crowe


Timothy Oliphant – Raylan Givens – CA (one of the weaker ones, but it has gotten better)

Joelle Carter – Ava Crowder – GA

Nick Searcy – Art Mullins – NC

Walter Goggins – Boyd Crowder – AL – His accent is like the old joke about breasts – it’s real and it is magnificent!  He imbues the dialect with of the beauty and majesty it deserves.

Jacob Pitts – Tim Gutterson – CT

Natalie – Winona Hawkins – TX

Damon Herriman – Dewey Crowe – And I admit this one fooled me —- AUSTRALIA!  Damon does a good job with the accent, though it helps that his character is basically retarded so his speech can be more idiosyncratic.

Jeremy Davies – Dickie Bennett – CA

Michael Rappaport – Daryl Crowe Jr – NY

Alicia Witt – Wendy Crowe – MA

Here is a link to some of the dvd’s and streaming for the previous seasons if you want to catch up.

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