Clarkson is Officially Out at Top Gear

Jeremy Clarkson had apparently hit a staffer when there was no food ready after a long day of filming.  He had also been on notice for making some racially insensitive remarks.  The BBC claims they had no choice but to let him go since they could not have one standard for top talent and another for everyone else, which would be very laudable were it applied in every instance.

So in summary the BBC, an institution which funds itself through the use of force (by fining people for owning a television and carting them off to jail if they refuse to pay) has fired a man for using force in an attempt to get a hot meal.

And the irony is they claim it is because everyone must adhere to the same standards.

BBC brass had previously let Jimmy Savile stay on even though he was buggering children so it is nice they have acted so quickly in regards to Clarkson.  One is left to ponder why such different standards were applied though.

I am linking to Ace’s place instead of the BBC because they have disabled comments on the article and it is my policy not to link to sites which do not allow comments.

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