Israelis May Have Vaccine to Prevent the Recurrence of Many Types of Cancer

The claim is that it might be effective against up to 90% of the different cancer types, including breast cancer and will keep the cancer from coming back if given while it is in remission.  I always take these sorts of reports with a grain of salt since there is a lot of incentive to exaggerate for funding purposes, and the popular press also often gets things wrong.  We have all seen reports of miracle cures that don’t pan out.  But even if the vaccine is even partially effective then that would be a great advance.  Supposedly it can also help the body fight the disease if given during the early stages of cancer.

Whether this vaccine pans out or not it reminds us of the many advances that have come from Israel.  One can only wonder how many more such breakthroughs were incinerated in the furnaces of the Third Reich.

And here we sit today with our own president doing everything he can to undermine the security of the Israelis, up to and including running interference for the Iranians in their quest to obtain a nuclear bomb.

Hat tip to Insty for providing the original link.

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