Woman Votes for Government to Make Healthcare Decisions for Her, Dislikes What It Decides

A woman was held for psychiatric evaluation because she claimed Obama was following her on Twitter.  It is a long story, but police suspected she might be high on weed even though they found none in her possession.  Despite this fact they confiscated her car because hey, America.  She was emotional when she went to get it back so they then sent her for a psychiatric evaluation.

That is when she played the Obama card and mentioned that the president follows her on Twitter so as to prove what a good person she is.

doctors didn’t believe the leader of the free world followed her on Twitter — though @BarackObama follows over 640,000 accounts, including hers. They were also skeptical she worked at a bank, records show.

OK, that didn’t work so well for her.  But surely she was able to explain.

A “master treatment plan” from Harlem Hospital backs up the Astoria Bank worker’s story.

“Objective: Patient will verbalize the importance of education for employment and will state that Obama is not following her on Twitter,” the document reads.

Oh, well it couldn’t have been long before they caught the error.

For eight days, she attended group therapy, endured injections of sedatives, and took lorazepam and lithium, medical records show


And to top it off, once they were done they handed her a bill for over $13 grand.  So now she is out her car and owes the equivalent of another car to pay for her own abuse.  I can only imagine how she will explain all of this to her co-workers and her bosses.

But stop and think for a minute what would have happened had she told the doctors that not only does Obama stalk her on Twitter but that he picks her insurance for her, won’t let her take jobs that he thinks pay too little and makes all sorts of decisions that affect her welfare without any input from her and without her having any say in the matter at all.  How long would she have been locked up then?  One can only wonder.

I could see anyone who follows Obama needing a psychiatric evaluation but not vice versa.  We aren’t responsible for creepy people who wander around without proper supervision who might develop a fixation on us.  But we are responsible if we follow those creepy people and help them.

And here is the kicker.  Having gotten a good dose of “more government” I am sure this woman will go out and vote exactly the same way the next time around.  Somehow this type of person never seems to be able to link cause and effect together because, leftism.

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