Befuddled Old Lady Wants Constitution to Ban Her

We have all seen older relatives who at some point lose the plot and start to do things against their own best interests.  Usually their loved ones are kind enough to step in and keep them from hurting themselves too badly.  Unfortunately, though they are sensible enough to never let her drive, none of Hillary’s inner circle seems to care enough to stop her from shooting herself in the foot.

According to The Hill;

Hillary Clinton called for a constitutional amendment to address the influx of “unaccountable money” in politics during her first official day of campaigning in Iowa.

Of all the issues she could have picked to emphasize she chose the one where she is the most vulnerable.  Hillary running on  accountability and getting money out of politics is like Bill Clinton running on a platform of marital fidelity.  The Clintons have entire foundations devoted to funneling money to themselves in return for favors and Hillary plans to spend $2.5 billion on her campaign to make it safe for oligarchs to rule unmolested by the hoi polloi.  Additionally, she just destroyed thousands of e-mails that were under subpoena rather than allowing herself to be held accountable.

How in the world did she get the idea that she is the person to sell this nonsense?

Putting all of that aside for a moment and looking solely at the merits she still misses the point entirely by focusing on money.

The problem isn’t that politicians can be bought.  It is that they are worth buying.  If our government were constrained to its Constitutionally authorized powers then there would be less incentive to purchase an election or a politician because they simply would not have the power to make or break you or your competition.  Your money could be spent on designing a better product, inventing something new or streamlining your production.  But when your ability to earn a living is affected by barriers to entry or expansion, many of which were put there expressly just to elicit bribes from you for their removal, then what other choice do you have but to play the game?  This is what government has done throughout history and still does all across the globe today.  It is the very heart of the enterprise and we were only saved from its excesses for a time by our traditions and our very unique Constitution.

It is this game (in Hillary’s case  you can call it the Game of Crones) that is the ONLY thing Hillary excels at.  She extracts tribute.  That is the sum total of her existence on this planet and all she has ever accomplished.  She threatens people or offers them advantage over those who vex them if only they give to her foundations or her campaign.  No one pays her hundreds of thousands of dollars to come speak because she has ever said anything  memorable in her entire life.  They do it to gain access and to stay in her good graces.  They do it the same way minor noblemen would fete the queen with the best from their larders when she would come visit.

If she trots this lame line of attack out during any of the debates the Republican candidate should eviscerate her no matter who the nominee ends up being.  Hillary is running on a platform of making it impossible for people like Hillary to do the nefarious things Hillary did to gain power.  The only interesting thing about the whole exercise would be to see what she would do if she were held to her promise.  It would be like a dog finally catching the bus it has been chasing.  What would it do with a bus?  In Hillary’s case she would craft a backdoor way to keep taking bribes.  She would certainly never cut off her own spigot.  Bill’s spigot on the other hand…

It is also worth noting that if you are in the business of selling favors that it doesn’t make sense to antagonize those who wish to buy said favors which Hillary is now doing by making noises about going after executive pay.  If people and businesses have the choice they will purchase their favors from the party which does not demonize them.  She can reassure them all she wants behind closed doors like Obama did, but at some point it will get to be too much and they will give their money to the other guy if they feel it is either that or see it taxed away anyway.  At any rate, high executive pay is more a function of a lack of competition and barriers to entry are what creates that lack.

In other news, Marco Rubio has decided he doesn’t wish to be president.


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