Hillary Begins Her Humanization Regime

In an effort to make herself seem more like a human being rather than an elitist who despises the common people she seeks to rule, Hillary Clinton has rented an RV and is heading across the country to meet real Americans.

Here she is at a Chipotle in the company of people who are paid to pretend to like her.


But outside she had her picture taken with actual free range people she claims were not actors and were not herded up by the Bureau of Land and People Management.  No word as to who the unfortunate victims were or what was done with them afterwards.


I have to say she looks dashing in her Stormtrooper grey ensemble with the large saddle bags on the side.

My understanding was that the visit to the dairy farm later in the day did not go as well since they had to keep explaining to her that a milking machine was not just a codeword for what Bill calls his interns.

There was also a bit of a slip when she mistook the entrance to the cattle stall for her walker and spent a good thirty minutes trying to find her way out.

Iowahawk had more detail to add to the report as well…


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