Hillary & Implausible Deniability.

By now everyone has heard about how Hillary was shilling for the Russians so that they could own much of the uranium production in the US while  those involved in the deal were giving millions of dollars to her foundation.  All of this occurred while she was Secretary of State and ostensibly representing our interests before those of her own pocketbook.

Of course there is no way to prove a quid pro quo because that is the entire purpose of setting up a foundation of that sort — duh!  Plus anything incriminating would have likely been done in person or via e-mails which are conveniently enough now all wiped from Hillary’s server — and which she maintained physical possession of so as to never have to worry about being held accountable.

But here is the question that no one has asked.  If the “donors” didn’t think they were buying influence by giving all of those millions of dollars to a foundation then what did they think they were buying?

There was simply no other conceivable motivation for them to drop those millions because the foundation did nothing, or next to nothing besides collect money.  It was like running a pizzeria that didn’t have any ovens as a money laundering operation.  Someone had the right form but forgot to follow through with the function above anything more than a cursory level.

And here is the other key point.  The entities which gave the money were apparently going broke and needed the deal to get back in the black.  Philanthropy is not at the top of the todo list for companies or individuals who are going broke.  Indeed it would be a breach of fiduciary duty if it was.

The pattern of behavior here is certainly a guilty one. You don’t keep your own personal server for classified material.  You don’t destroy that material when under subpoena.  And you don’t take millions from people going bankrupt and then promote the one deal that can make them whole again unless you are running an influence peddling operation or some other operation for which you don’t want any public scrutiny.  There ARE no other plausible possibilities given this set of facts.

So despite all of Hillary’s efforts to avoid ever being held responsible, the best she has been able to achieve is a level of implausible deniability of the sort your dog has when you come home and find the stuffing from all of your pillows strewn about the house and caked to his body with doggy slobber.  Yeah, you didn’t see him do it, but then just look at him…  He is a dog.  It is what they do.

B the same token, grift is what the Clintons do.  And besides, just look at Hillary…

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